Secrets about Beauty Sleep

by melange

The human body depends highly on a good night sleep to enable the body to have a good rest and to recover from the stress the body goes through after a hard day’s work. Having a good night sleep is very vital for a healthy skin. The body, particularly our skin , becomes prone to diseases when an individual refuses to have enough sleep. It is amazing how an individual without a good night sleep experiences all sort of discomforts.

Having a beauty sleep is real and its during this time of the day, that one’s skin heals from the day’s work and damages. As the body relaxes and drifts slumber, it gives the body the chance to improve the quality of the skin. It is at this time that one feels refreshened after rejuvenating all the energy lost.

Not having enough sleep leads to acnes, blemishes, boils, and spots. Your skin can be clear once you develop a healthy sleeping routine. It is expected of every individual to sleep for at least eight hours; anything less has its consequences.

Sleeping less reduces the life and brightness in the eye. Though there are people who naturally have dark circles around their eyes, there are others who attain it after losing sleep for some days. Dark circles are more seen or recognized when one has light skin and not so obvious on dark skins. To disguise this one can, apply concealers one or two shades lighter than your skin to conceal it.

Sleeping more allows the healthy flow of blood in the skin making one have an even skin, but with lack of sleep the skin becomes spotty or pales in complexion.

Having a good sleep and a good sleeping posture provides less wrinkles on the skin. Having a sound sleep with belly up and having the face off the pillow prevents the face from wrinkles. The wrinkles on the skin becomes permanent as one continues sleeping in the same posture, but could be avoided if changes his or sleeping posture from time to time and frequently straightening of the bed spread before having a good night sleep.

One must not forget to maintain the skin by applying shea butter cream or a healing ointment on the hand and feet at night as you take care of the face with other products which is used in moisturizing the skin before having a sound sleep.

Submitted by: Pechi-Anim Alnice Padikie

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