Discover Your Style with GTP Fashionable Fabrics

by Naasei Boadi

Discover Your Style at the GTP Retail Store in Osu

On the lively streets of Osu, Oxford Street, GTP’s retail shop became a fashion haven recently, as the “Discover Your Style” unfolded.

This unique experience aimed to connect customers with three distinguished Designers in Ghana; Eugene D’Wise, MOD HQ, and Adwoa Yeboah, providing insights into pairing and matching GTP’s ready-to-wear designs.


Eugene D’Wise, an experienced and talented fashion designer with a demonstrated history of working in the apparel and fashion industry, brought his rich expertise to the forefront.

Notably, in 2021, he received an accolade for his outstanding contributions to Ghanaian fashion, clinching the Ghanaian Fashion Designer Award at the prestigious Ghana Arts and Tourism Awards.

MOD HQ, a fresh and exciting womenswear brand that perfectly captures the work-play balance, infused excitement into the event with their contemporary take on fashion.

MOD HQ’s founder, Mawuena Afi Yomekpe, earned accolades in 2021, securing a nomination at the West African Fashion Awards. Further, her brand was chosen among thousands of African designers for the Oxford African Conference, marking MOD HQ as an emerging brand to watch out for according to the prestigious Oxford University.

Adwoa Yeboah, the CEO and Creative Director for Adjoa Yeboah Clothing, is always driven by the beauty of West African culture, which inspires her to innovate and excel in the world of fashion.

She isn’t just a designer; she’s the longtime creative force behind the stylish looks of media personality Anita Akkufo.

GTP’s renowned fabrics took center stage in a ready-to-wear collection that transcended the ordinary. The retail shop transformed into a space where each piece told a unique story. From elegant ensembles to casual chic, the collection catered to diverse tastes, captivating the audience.

The trio of designers and style experts, Eugene D’Wise, MOD HQ, and Adwoa Yeboah actively engaged with customers, providing insights into the art of pairing, and matching up ready-to-wear designs. Their live demonstrations added an interactive layer, turning the event into a collaborative journey.

Now, as the event unfolded, customers weren’t just bystanders exploring ready-to-wear designs from GTP  and getting hands-on lessons in pairing and matching outfits.

Anokyewaa mini dress, Achamfour s/s shirt, Afoakwah maxi skirt, Addo jacket with the Adomako trouser, Asubonteng Mini dress, Fredua maxi dress—these ready-to-wear designs took the spotlight. Customers had a field day choosing their favorites.

And that’s not all; the shop was a fabric haven too. Nustyle, Adepa Premium, Dumas, Safoa, Aho)fe—these fabrics added a splash of variety.

The skilled craftsmanship of these three style experts and the cultural richness painted a vibrant picture of style diversity.

GTP fabrics embraced the essence of the season, turning the event into a delightful shopping spree. The allure of high-quality fashion, coupled with the interactive demonstrations, positioned GTP’s retail shop as the go-to destination for style-conscious shoppers.


“Discover Your Style” wasn’t just an event; it was an invitation to embrace individuality and expression. GTP’s Retail Shop stands tall as the ideal destination for gift items, offering African well-tailored ready-to-wear options for both men and women. Especially as the tourist season unfolds, GTP welcomes all to experience a blend of culture, fashion, and a unique shopping journey. Your style destination awaits on Osu’s Oxford Street.

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