Globally, the fashion industry is growing, and the Ghanaian fashion space has not been left behind. Over time we have seen several fashion houses or brands emerge and put Ghana on the global fashion map.

For that to happen incrementally, it falls on many factors including fashion shows. These events are not only an incredible way for fashion houses to show off their collections but also they contribute to brand building, networking, and market insights, ultimately enhancing the industry’s overall presence and success locally and internationally. 

Photo source: Supplied
Photo source: Supplied

In an Instagram live conversation on Melange Africa, the founders of two prestigious fashion events in Ghana, Amos Ampah Benyarko of Kumas Fashion Week (KsiFW) and Nana Mensah of Ghana Menswear Week (GHMW) shared some of the challenges they face as fashion event producers in Ghana.

They highlighted the challenges in funding their events. “Most of the time we have to fund about 70% of the events ourselves which makes it difficult”, said Nana Mensah who went on to talk about the other issues related to corporate sponsorships including the apathy from corporations towards the fashion industry.

The two founders appealed to corporate institutions to sponsor fashion events as a platform for targeted exposure to a diverse audience, fostering brand recognition and association, strengthening industry relationships, and showcasing the company’s commitment to supporting cultural and creative initiatives, contributing to a positive public perception.

Watch the full video of our chat below.

By: Thelma Anowaa.

A Fashion and Lifestyle Writer from Ghana, West Africa. Always had a dream of becoming a Public Relations practitioner but somehow her hobby turned into an exciting journey filled with experiences in creative writing, content managing, and copywriting.

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Faith December 5, 2023 - 6:38 pm

I certainly agree with this call. There’s a lot of potential in the Fashion industry. Its just sad most corporate organisations can’t see and support.


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