Glow Up: The Rise of the Makeup Mavens

by melange

Have you noticed the flawless faces illuminating the country at events these days? It’s beautiful people being glammed up to perfection. Ghana’s beauty industry is booming, and a big part of that is the rise of talented makeup artists (MUAs).

Just a few years ago, finding a highly skilled MUA might have meant scouring social media or relying on word-of-mouth recommendations. Now, the industry is becoming more formalized, with organizations like Makeup Ghana offering training programs and certifications.

This growth isn’t just about vanity (although a fierce beat can definitely boost your confidence!). The demand for MUAs reflects a growing disposable income and a flourishing events scene in Ghana. From weddings and photoshoots to funerals and nights out with the girls – there’s always an occasion to get glam.

Take, for instance, MUA extraordinaire Vendajules, known for her signature soft glam looks. Her journey reflects the passion driving this industry. Vendajules, whose real name is Ada Atayobor, started playing with makeup as a teenager, honing her skills on friends and family. Now, she’s a multi-award-winning artist who has built a successful business.

To mention a few more artists, there’s multiple award-winning makeup artist and C.E.O of CVL Beauty, Valerie Marfo, and Chelsea Blaq. They are well-known for their flawless glams.

The growth over the years has been massive. However, this growth isn’t without its challenges. As Makeup Ghana CEO Rebecca Donkor points out, “there’s a need to move beyond basic training and encourage specialization. This will not only elevate the artistry but also create more lucrative opportunities for MUAs. Recent years have seen a significant increase in the number of young MUAs entering the industry, either as a side hustle or a full-time job.”

According to the Global Market Insight (GMI Research) analysis report on Ghana’s Cosmetic and Personal Care 2024-2031, the key trends driving the growth of Ghana’s makeup industry are the high demand for luxury and premium products, the demand for natural and organic products, e-commerce platforms for purchasing a wide range of makeup products, and the role of social media in increasing exposure to global beauty trends. These demands are encouraging local Ghanaian brands to develop products that cater to the diverse skin types and preferences of Ghanaian consumers.

The future of Ghanaian makeup artistry is bright. With a growing pool of skilled professionals and a rising demand for their services, we can expect to see even more creativity and innovation on our screens and streets. So next time you’re getting ready for a special occasion, consider supporting a Ghanaian MUA – you’re sure to experience the magic of their touch and see your confidence light up the room!

Written By: Benedicta Affram-Mensah

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