Is African wax print, the future of fashion?

by melange

The African wax print popularly known as ‘’Ankara’’ or the ‘’Dutch’’ print have gained much attention in the 21st century and continues to do so despite many calls by industry people that ‘African Print” is not African.

Fashion in Africa has evolved over the years with people still adopting the African wax print for obviously different reasons.

Gone were the days when it was worn or tied as a common cloth with less sophisticated styles. Now it is seeping and quietly snatching the presence of English wear at every occasion in Africa. You are sure to see a wax print in any form at any function.

More recently, these prints come in different patterns and designs and have become more vibrant than ever before. They are combined with other fabrics such as lace, crepe, satin, polished cotton etc to create a
unique blend. These combinations of wears have elevated the richness and dynamics of the Ankara in the fashion industry. Ankara has now set new and fabulous trends within the African industry and perhaps would leave an indelible footprint across the globe.

Many Africans in the diaspora have also adopted the African wax print because it brought back the consciousness to all Africans across the globe who would proudly wear African prints to showcase their connection to Africa. The modern touch to this wax print has brought richness, and recognition to the African culture. Foreign designers are also embracing it and fusing it into their collections year on year.

Many designers have jumped onto this trend and are creating amazing designs out of the wax print. It is likely the wax print will continue to dominate our fashion industry for many years to come. Do you agree?

Check out some of the lovely wax print designs you may consider for this year!

Written by Blessing Chukwuemeka

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