King Promise’s Footwear Fantasia; A Look at Ghana’s Music Sensation & Fashion Trendsetter

by melange

King Promise is arguably one of Ghana’s biggest music exploits in recent times. Not only does he reign as a chart-topping artiste but has a fashion sense as captivating as his music.

The “Terminator” hitmaker is largely known for his audacious “big shoe” style earning him the tag as an undisputed “sneaker-head”. In this piece, we analyze how King Promise is altering the face of fashion in Ghana with his flair for luxurious style.

King Promise’s fashion saga began its noteworthy chapter at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) 2019 red carpet. Clad in a t-shirt adorned with a Tom Ford Suede Biker jacket and elevated by Dr. Martens Leather Shoes. No piece from his outfit drew attention other than the towering silhouette created by his high-soled shoes became the focal point. That night was the inception of his signature footwear journey.

Since that defining moment, King Promise has proven time and again that he’s not just a singer. He’s a sneaker aficionado with an unapologetic fondness for high-end footwear. Forget labels, he is not afraid to break the bank for the perfect pair.

Many associate his preference for towering shoes with his stature and that is an unfair judgement. You may not agree but King Promise together with the big “cambos” is just the “Perfect Combi.” The “5-Star” crooner’s fashion is lux, you may not like it but he is lavish and loves to flash them around to look good and ultimately feel good. 

In a one-time interview on Accra-based Hitz FM, the ‘Commando’ hitmaker divulged his love for big shoes, stating, “I love big shoes. I have always dressed like this from time. It depends on how I feel. I can wear big or small stuff. I love fashion and anything that looks good on me I go for it.”

King Promise’s fashion narrative unfolds in a luxurious spectacle that extends beyond just his footwear choices. His penchant for the lavish is evident in his black leather jackets and star-studded jeans at the 2021 MOBO Awards, an ensemble that mirrors his musical grandeur.

The crowning moment of King Promise’s fashion saga reoccurred in 2023 when he clinched the Album of the Year at the VGMAs. His performance not only captivated the audience but also lit the night with his all-black ensemble.

King Promise was arrayed in a black motorbiker’s jacket reportedly worth $1,481, paired with leather trousers and Balenciaga boots valued at GH¢10,000. He perfectly portrayed the epitome of his top-chatting single, “Terminator”.

In an interview on YFM after the event, King Promise shed light on his fashion philosophy. “I don’t mind being the lead so people follow. It’s the same way I came and had my big shoes, and some people were laughing, and it got to a time everybody was wearing it.” He emphasized that his choice of attire aims to provide an immersive experience, turning every performance into a cinematic spectacle.

“I wanted everyone to feel like they’re watching a movie. That was the purpose for the way I dressed. It was for the feel of it, just to feel epic, just to put something in your minds to make you remember that this VGMAs he gave us a good show, and we had a good time, and that was really what it was.”

King Promise continues to thrive with his recent historic performance at the 2024 MOBO Awards in Utilita Arena Sheffield, England. 

Dressed in a striking black biker jacket, matching leather trousers and stylish black Balenciaga boots, he captured the arena with his commanding presence as the audience sang along to the lyrics of “Terminator”.

Beyond the towering footwear and striking ensembles, King Promise’s fashion repertoire extends to his blend of colour palettes, accentuated by his signature necklace inscribed with “5-Star.” It’s not just about the sneakers; it’s about creating an immersive visual experience that compliments the musical journey he takes his audience on.

Love it or hate it, King Promise’s fashion is undeniable. Not only being a music show-stopper but simultaneously leaving an indelible imprint in Ghana’s fashion scene. He inspires trends and proves that music and fashion go hand in hand.

Written by Jude Tackie

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