Season of Harmattan: My Skin Edition

by melange

December starts with a countdown to Christmas and everything the festive season has to offer. But beyond the merrymaking is our anticipation towards the harmattan season, where the weather gets extra dry. The morning and nights are very cold, with extremely hot temperatures during the afternoon.

Often, this is the time of the year most of us struggle with taking care of our skin or maintaining healthy skin.
2021 has already stressed us out enough, so I cannot have you going through this festive season extra stressed. Here are some tips to help you care for your skin during the harmattan season.

  1. Bath or Shower with Lukewarm Water
    Yes, I know that the mornings are really cold, and having a cold shower isn’t an option. But hot showers during the harmattan may not be advisable for your skin. It strips the skin of its natural oil barrier, making the skin dry and itchy. Hence, opt for lukewarm water, which is gentle on your skin and retains its moisture levels—bath at least twice a day.
  2. Moisturize
    Moisturize right in the bathroom to help your skin lock in the moisture. Stepping out immediately after showering will dry up your skin quickly. It’s advisable to use products with a high concentration of natural oils and butter like coconut oil, olive oil, and shea butter to keep the skin moist and protected.
  3. Exfoliate
    Get rid of the dead skin cells to make it easy to moisturize by exfoliating but don’t use harsh exfoliates. Homemade exfoliators made from natural ingredients can be better alternatives.
  4. Drink Water, Eat Fruit and Veggies
    You may already know this. But let me remind you, drink water and lots of it. At least 8 glasses a day can keep you optimally hydrated. It’s advisable to carry a water bottle anywhere and everywhere. Oh! And don’t forget to eat fruits and veggies that contain vitamin C.
  5. Exercise
    Time to break a sweat for proper blood circulation and release toxins from the body through the sweat. Exercising can prevent dryness. For me, this is optional.
  6. Use Safe Products
    Avoid using high alcohol or astringent cleansers or washes. They can strip your skin of its natural oils.
    Happy Harmattan.

Submitted: MISS ANOWAA

Photocredit: iStock

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