5 Made in Ghana Statement Earrings Brands We’re loving

by melange

Ghana’s fashion renaissance is fueled by local talents crafting stunning statement earrings that rival global trends. These five (5) “Made in Ghana” brands stand as pillars, seamlessly blending tradition, creativity, and sustainability. Beyond mere accessories, they epitomize Ghana’s vibrant fashion ethos, deserving not just admiration but a revered place in your collection, promising to captivate attention and elevate your style with their distinctive offerings.

At the heart of these brands is a profound appreciation for the multifaceted significance of craftsmanship in jewelry making in African societies. Each piece embodies the essence of culture, art, wealth, and individual expression, rooted in a commitment that goes beyond aesthetics, embracing community values and sustainability.

Let’s check out these brands:


Adjeley by Sedita Mensah is a fashion brand that specializes in accessories, including statement earrings. The brand’s earrings feature bold colors, intricate beadwork, and unique shapes, making them perfect for those who want to make a statement with their jewelry. More than just creating stunning pieces, Adjeley advocates for sustainable economic
opportunities for women within its community, empowering them through training and employment in the art of jewelry-making.


A beacon of luxury, Bijou resonates with sophistication. From elegant studs to captivating dangling earrings and even statement rings adorned with gold tones and pearls, Bijou’s allure has graced the styles of fashion icons like Afua Rida and media personalities such as Berla Mundi and Serwaa Amihere. Versatile and adaptable, their pieces effortlessly transition from casual elegance to executive chic or a lively brunch with friends.

NuaVa Handmade

NuaVa was established in 2016 by Amemakalor Ackumany after completing jewelry design training. A testament to Ghanaian women’s creativity, NuaVa crafts wearable art from sustainable materials like brass, bone, horn, beads, wood, and amber. Each piece is a manifestation of artistry, embodies eco-consciousness, living up to its name, derived from the Ewe language, meaning “it has arrived.”

Woman by Sangel

Woman by Sangel showcases the artistry of eco-friendly earrings emphasizing contemporary designs and sustainability.
The brand’s statement earrings are crafted using ethically sourced materials, such as raffia and rattan. Each piece is designed to be a work of art, combining traditional techniques with modern aesthetics. Their vibrant use of colors ensures that each piece added to your ensemble is an invitation to stand out and be noticed.

Cheery Concepts

Cheery Concepts, led by Maame Kumiwaa Attafua epitomizes eco-friendliness, utilizing natural elements such as stones and wood in crafting their elegant pieces. Each creation is meticulously handmade, sourcing materials locally from Ghana. Taking cues from myriad inspirations, Cheery Concepts embodies a brand ethos that celebrates diverse influences in their creative

These brands are not just about earrings; they symbolize a movement. By supporting these brands, not only do you get to wear unique and stylish earrings– but you’re also championing sustainable fashion practices and uplifting local artisans. Each piece embodies a commitment to craftsmanship and conscientious creation, celebrating Ghana’s rich heritage and paving the way for a dynamic fashion narrative. So, whether you seek the perfect accessory for this holiday season or a summer soirée or a conversation starter, rest assured you’ll find an exciting piece from these brands.

By Sefakor Humade

In addition to being a creative writer and content creator, Sefakor Humade is a true creative at heart. Believing in the transformative power of kindness, She envisions a world where everyone’s genuine compassion can make it a better place.

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