The Colorbox Pro Mastery Brush Collection is finally here.

by Naasei Boadi

Finally, the Luxe brushes you need to complete your kit are HERE! The new 7 piece Pro-Mastery Brush Collection carefully packaged in a beautiful box that would excite you to unbox.

Colorbox Cosmetics has launched a new range of makeup brushes to give you endless creative possibilities in your makeup game.

The launch event at Treehouse Restaurant & Bar, Accra was flawlessly executed with beautiful presentations to engage, excite and entertain the guests. The imagery often invoked memories from the classical Japanese and samurai-esque world.

The collection of seven exquisite teal brush tools is the result of several months of relentless dedication to crafting brushes that perfectly fill the gaps in your toolkit and empower you to master your craft professionally. In collaboration with the cherished CB (Colorbox) family, acting on their feedback and insights, the seven exquisite teal brushes have been designed to upgrade the craft of makeup artists and lovers.

Inside the box, you will find these 7 beautifully made brushes:

CB 22/ PRO- EXPECT SKIN EFFECT BRUSH: Perfectly doomed shape with curved edges to buff and blend liquid & cream makeup products

CB 23 / PRO- FLAWLESS POWDER TOUCH-UP BRUSH: Small tapered round shape for precise application or detailed work around the eyes! It’s the perfect compact size.

 CB 24/ PRO- MINI CURVED BLENDING BRUSH: Small half dome tapered shape, perfect for blending concealers and other cream products in hand to reach places. 

CB 25/ PRO- FLUFFY SCULPTING BRUSH: Largely tapered feathery shape for expert blending, placement and sculpting with your favourite powder products.  

CB 26/ PRO- DELUXE BUFFING POWDER BRUSH: Upgrade your powder application with our large, slanted dome shape brush, perfect with your luxury pressed powder.

CB 27/ PRO- CURVED SHADING BRUSH: Nose Contour Magic has arrived with this slanted dome shape with a flat base, that fits the natural curves of your nose & eyes. 

CB 28 PRO- PRECISE CONCEALER BRUSH: Carve out your eyebrows or create the most insane cut crease with our flat sharp-edged brush with its precise tip.

Each brush represents an unwavering commitment to quality, ensuring seamless application and affordable luxury.

For a limited time only, the Pro Mastery Brush Collection is available on sale at discount prices. Here is how to order:

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