Why You Should Store These Beauty Products in Your Fridge

by melange

No, it’s not weird to keep your skin care products in the fridge, you know how storing food in a refrigerator keeps items fresh, extends expiration dates, and makes everything taste better? Well, the same goes for skincare. it’s time to make room for your beauty products.

Here’s why refrigeration is beneficial for your daily routine. First, it feels so. much. better.

Applying chilled products to the skin, especially when pain or irritation is involved, adds that extra dash of soothing. Aside from the instant relief and invigoration, colder skincare is known for boosting circulation, minimizing puffiness, and tightening pores.

Refrigeration also helps extend the life of your beauty products, slowing down skincare oxidation. Every time you open a product, air exposure tends to alter ingredients and diminishes potency. Luckily, your refrigerator can help combat this to increase shelf life.

Below are fridge-friendly products that would be better if kept in a fridge;

Acne Spot Treatments – Pimple/acne pain? It’s no secret that active acne seriously hurts, but you can calm the pain by storing your treatments in the fridge.

Sunscreens – Make sure to keep your sunscreen in the fridge for potent protection under the hot sun. And when your skin gets hot, a cold sunscreen provides the perfect relief when you need to reapply.

Anti-itch Lotions – Resist the urge to scratch by applying an anti-itch cream that quenches dry skin while alleviating irritation. Be sure to put formulas in the refrigerator before massaging them into the skin for cool relief.

Written By: Betty Oladimeji

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