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Inspired by the unique style of Edith Schandorf (a.k.a Dita), the DITA is a must-have for every fashionable contemporary woman who is confidently pursuing her dreams.

Dita, who currently works as the People & Culture Manager at EchoHouse (a creative marketing agency in Accra), is a truly special person with unconventional style. She loves to wear comfortable clothing: oversized shirts, sneakers, and barely any makeup. She is the kind of woman who is whispered about. There is something mysterious about her, but that is only what meets the eye. Beneath the style icon is a woman who is impact-driven and compassionate to the core.

WEAR Ghana’s co-founder & CEO, Awura Abena Agyeman, remarked, “When we met her, we were struck by how much she cared about making a difference. We learnt about the extensive work she had done with children with special needs at the Dzorwulu Special School, Multi Kids Academy, and Hope Setters Autism Centre. We saw her dedication to helping make life better for the vulnerable.”

Unbeknownst to DITA, she became the muse for an inspiring and breathtakingly beautiful collection. The collection pays homage to one of Dita’s favourite accessories – suspenders; and in the unique WEAR Ghana design language, blends wax prints with plain knits.

The DITA collection is stunning yet practical and comes in 5 variations. The variations include 4 brilliantly crafted skirts- long, pencil, flare, and puff; as well as tailored pants.

WEAR Ghana shares in Dita’s love for impact. The company’s mission is centered around using fashion as a tool to promote African excellence, inspire the next generation of African entrepreneurs and create opportunities for women. That is why their vision is to see the DITA Collection grow into a force of good. Each time a woman steps out in her DITA, she should be reminded to do something good. It could be as simple as making another person smile, or as grand as constructing a school for vulnerable children.

In addition to this, WEAR Ghana is supporting the Autism Awareness, Care & Training Centre (AACT) by donating GH₵5 for every DITA purchased. Visit or check out @wearghana on Facebook and Instagram to see more!


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