Season of Harmattan: My Hair Edition

by melange

Harmattan season is the season most people struggle with their hair because of the change in weather. Talk of all the dryness and dust. It’s no fun at all.

Personally, my hair starts acting up during Harmattan. It gets so dry and flaky. So I make extra efforts to take care of my hair during this season. Don’t worry if you’re like me; all hope is not lost. I have a few tips to help you not end up hairless at the end of this harmattan season.

  1. Drink water and keep hydrated!
    Let this be a habit. Generally, water is important. Not just for your hair but your overall health as a person. Keep a water bottle with you at all times.
  2. Avoid dust
    This is difficult to do since Harmattan comes with dust. But the good news is scarfs are in vogue now. So, fashionably wrap your hair and keep it protected from the dust.
  3. Trim your hair if needed
    Your hair is likely to experience some dryness and breakage around this season. Don’t let that split ends get worse. Get a trusted hairdresser and get that trim you deserve.
  4. Steaming the Hair
    Steaming the hair uses moist heat, which opens the hair cuticle for treatments, oils, and masks to penetrate deeper into the hair fibre. Steaming gives your hair maximum hydration and moisturization. So, find the perfect hair mayonnaise and keep your hair protected this harmattan season.
  5. Protective hairstyle
    This is one of my favourite ideas. Thus, looking cute while protecting your hair. What can go
    wrong? Protective hairstyles help protect ends – the oldest and most fragile part of the hair – from
    breakage allowing the hair to grow and stay healthy. Now go get that cute braids, wig, or weave you’ve saved on your phone for months. Look cute, sis!
  6. Moisturize! Moisturize!! Moisturize!!!
    Use water-based cream or hair creams such as shea butter, coconut oil, and other natural oils
    to prevent breakage.

And to my natural hair folks, now is the time to invest in spray bottles. They help re-moisturize your hair from time to time.

Take care of yourself and your hair more during this season. Let me know if these tips were helpful in any way. Happy Harmattan.

Submitted: MISS ANOWAA

Photo credit: Birdie

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