Natural Hair Tips for Growth and Length Retention

by melange

Having little or no idea about how to carry out a particular task can be very demanding. Many efforts yield no results because we do not know where to begin. Maintaining and keeping your hair is crucial to complement one’s appearance. Why haven’t we been able to use the right methods to grow our natural hair and retain its length?

Just like any other activity, self-discipline is a requisite to growing your natural hair. Being consistent and sticking to the right tips can produce amazing results.

Washing Routine: Sticking to a washing routine can facilitate smooth hair growth. Dirt is trapped in your hair as a result of the daily products you apply. Butter and oil which are used daily in keeping the hair need to be washed off. Develop a habit of washing your natural hair every two weeks.

Moisturize: Moisturizing your hair also facilitates smooth hair growth. Worrying about the expenses involved in getting the right products in moisturizing your hair can be a daunting task. Before any individual introduces you to new products, bear in mind that the mother of all liquids, water, is simply the best. Let water serve as your best moisturizing agent. To ensure healthy growth, natural hair should be moist before it is combed out nicely. Don’t be tough on your hair, comb your hair when it’s wet.

Trimming: Bear the pain of trimming your natural hair irrespective of how hard it is. Getting regular trims is a must if you want your natural hair to grow. Trimming of natural hair allows you to get rid of damaged, broken and split ends. Many people do not take delight in trimming their hair when it is broken or damaged.

Wear Protective Hairstyle: Braids and twists are absolutely something many ladies cannot go without. These beautiful styles often tend out to pose problems to the scalp. Braids of different sizes are very difficult. In order to retain your hair length and ensure a healthy growth, opt for protective styles. Braids can makeyou beautiful but when there’s tension, the scalps hurts. Challenge yourself this time around by causing less harm to your scalp.

Drink lots of Water: Remember you are what you eat. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet also facilitates hair growth. Cultivating the habit of drinking more water and taking in less sugar is very necessary. Taking in less water and more sugar is equivalent to hair loss. Do the needful to make the equation balanced. Taking in water is needed for the skin and organs. Take care of your body by exercising to stimulate flow of blood through the scalp.

Aside all these measures, you can care for your natural hair by using ingredients for effective results. A mixture of aloe Vera, onions, and Vaseline can yield powerful results. Applying the mixture thoroughly to your scalp helps your grow. Also, minimize the heat you apply to your natural hair.

With the right methods and self-discipline your natural hair can be just as you desire.

Submitted by: Faustina Ankomah

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