Over the years, African fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands have gained significant recognition both locally and internationally. Despite this, several businesses continue to grapple with developing solid brands that have staying power in the market, resulting in their inability to scale.

Recognizing the need to bridge this gap, Sulit, a collaborative consulting service that aims to awaken the potential of African fashion, beauty and lifestyle businesses to evolve into resilient brands, is organising the Get It Right Crash Course on Saturday, 11th November, 2023 in Accra at RiStyled Events, Dzorwulu. 

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The crash course is designed to empower African creative businesses to fill the gap that exists between where they currently are and their dream of becoming a unique brand with a loyal client base. Targeted at fashion, beauty, lifestyle, wellness, artisanal and handicrafts businesses, the crash course will equip participants with the tools to create unique brand strategy.

Speaking ahead of the crash course, Elorm Sika Amankwa and Worlaenam Sika, Co-Founders of Sulit Consult and organisers of “Get It Right Crash Course” underscored the need for the crash course. 

“In our line of work, many businesses tend to approach us for strategies to help them scale or gain publicity. What they don’t realise is that without a good foundation (brand strategy), the expansion plan won’t work. It’s the same way in which a building without a strong foundation will collapse. Backed by our keen interest and commitment to help drive growth within the sector, we designed this crash course to help them Get It Right.” 

“Through this crash course, our goal is to empower brands using a more interactive process to develop a clear vision and the actionable steps to achieve it, as well as to help them identify how they can stand out in a sea of similar businesses, resulting in return customers and more income.”

Attendees will benefit from insights and lessons tailored specifically to their industries and within the African context. “We aren’t here to teach them lessons that they cannot relate to, or give them brand-building strategies tailored to a foreign market. We are bringing everything directly home to them.”

The key topics to be covered in this half-day crash course include: 

  • Developing a strong vision (the ultimate goal which will give you strategic direction),
  • Working out your mission (the actionable steps you will take to achieve your vision),
  • Crafting your values (the pillars which help form your firm foundation) and 
  • Identifying your USP (the qualities that make you unique and memorable to your customer). 

Participants will also receive industry-specific workbooks as well as 30-day access to a WhatsApp group to offer post-workshop support. In addition, the workshop will provide valuable networking opportunities for attendees to foster collaboration. 

For more details on how to sign up for the course, please visit: 

Email: sulit.advisory@gmail.com 

Instagram: @sulit_edu 

LinkedIn: Sulit Consult 

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