Ghana’s Booming Luxury Market: Whisky Takes Center Stage

by melange

Ghana’s economic resurgence is rewriting the narrative surrounding African consumer preferences. As disposable incomes rise and a sophisticated middle class emerges, the luxury market is experiencing a surge in demand, with whisky taking centre stage.

This trend aligns with broader forecasts for Africa’s luxury sector. The 2024 Africa Wealth Report highlights a continent on the rise. Over the next decade, the number of millionaires in Africa is projected to surge by 65%, with some countries experiencing a staggering 80% or higher growth. A flourishing middle class with more money to spend is driving this growth, particularly in the luxury goods market.

Ghana’s luxury market is expected to reach US$86.7 million by 2024 as data from Statista suggests a shift in consumption patterns. Most of the revenue, US$82.5 million, will come from at-home consumption of premium spirits, particularly whisky. 

L-R Dr. Adrian Oddoye, Medical Director of Akai House Clinic; Aristotelis Baroutsis, Managing Director, The Famous Grouse, Edrington; Ian Griffiths-Randolph, Retired, Telcomms Director and Miguel Ángel Soto, Head of Commercial, MEAI, Edrington

Dr. Mrs. Juliana Akushika Andoh of the Research Institute for Digital Marketing and Communication Ghana identifies several factors driving the rise of conspicuous consumption in the country. These include the desire for social recognition and status, the influence of global trends and media portraying luxurious lifestyles, celebrity endorsements normalising such consumption, shifting societal values that prioritise material possessions, a growing middle class with increased disposable income, the convenience of online shopping making luxury goods readily available, and the increasing presence of luxury brands in Ghana catering to this growing demand. 

Consultant Bernerd Agyei Aryee believes that as Ghanaians embrace luxury consumption more, the market will likely continue to adapt and evolve to meet their changing desires and aspirations.

This focus on quality over quantity is a significant development. While the overall volume of whisky consumption might be modest, the at-home segment is forecast for steady growth in value (9.83% annually) despite a slight dip in volume. This signifies a growing appreciation for savouring exceptional single malts over simply imbibing generic spirits.

 L-R Ian Griffiths-Randolph, Retired, Telcomms Director; Aristotelis Baroutsis, Managing Director, The Famous Grouse, Edrington; and Charbel Jabbour, Senior Area Manager, Lebanon, North & West Africa, Edrington

The Macallan, a revered single malt Scotch whisky brand celebrating its 200th anniversary, seems to be capitalising on this shift. Their recent brand refresh exemplifies this recognition.

“The Macallan’s strategic move to target the Ghanaian market underscores the country’s growing importance in the global luxury spirits landscape,” says Kumar Thakur, Managing Director of Raju Ghana, a leading distributor of premium beverages. “Their brand refresh, with its focus on heritage and innovation, resonates with Ghana’s sophisticated consumers who value quality and tradition.”

Miguel Ángel Soto, Head of Commercial for The Macallan’s parent company, Edrington, echoes this sentiment. “Africa is a fundamental market for us,” he states. “We want to capitalise on the opportunity that young affluent consumers present for our brand.”

Analysts predict that Ghana’s rise as a whisky powerhouse is just the beginning. As disposable incomes continue to rise, this trend is likely to solidify Ghana’s position as a key player in the global luxury whisky market. With a growing appetite for premium experiences and refined tastes, Ghana’s luxury market is poised for continued growth, with whisky remaining a star attraction.


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