How To Maintain Your Natural Hair During Harmattan

by sweetadmin

The harmattan season is around the corner, you can feel it, your hair can feel it too, it is always accompanied by dry, dusty, and cold weather. Natural hair has become a huge sensation, ladies transitioning from permed hair, and others doing the big chop. I cannot help but agree that curly, kinky full hairs are worth it. But when it comes to maintaining your natural hair during the frizzy dry season it takes more effort. So it is important that we give extra care to our hair.

Here are few easy tips to maintain your natural hair during harmattan

  1. Eating healthy, Nutritious meals are essential to growing stronger, healthier hair. A balanced healthy meal rich in low-fat proteins, dairy products, fruits, and vegetables will aid your hair growth. This works for all seasons but you might want to actually put a bit more effort.

  2. When it comes to maintaining healthy natural hair water is a necessity, by drinking and also consistently applying water on your hair. Always have a water spray bottle with you, keep your hair hydrated. You do not have to spray it dripping wet, just a little damp(not to the root to avoid itchy scalp) will do.

  3. Know when to wash your hair. You do not have to wash your hair every day, it leaves your hair thin and gives room for breakage. However, you should wash once every week, to avoid dryness. Always remember to cleanse your scalp, they get itchy occasionally due to product build-up, dirt, and oil.

  4. What do you use for your hair? You do not just use any hair shampoo or conditioner, only use sulfate-free shampoo. You have to be sure it’s a natural hair shampoo and conditioner, use a moisture-boosting shampoo like Pure Persona by nana’s Cleansing shampoo and Caring conditioner in order to restore moisture in your hair. Also, avoid using very hot water when you are washing, it dries out your hair and removes moisture from it instead use lukewarm water to cleanse your hair properly.

  5. Oil your hair frequently, Natural hair needs moisture, lots of it. oiling your hair should be a daily habit, oil plays a key role in making sure your hair stays healthy. Oils can be used to moisturize your hair and also seal in the already existing moisture. use oils like, Coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado oil to add moisture, use oils like Castor oil, Grapeseed oil, and Jojoba oil for sealing in moisture into the hair. I would recommend Teiva Herbal Hair Oil and Everyday Nou

  6. Ditch your net bonnet, always use a satin bonnet. Never go to bed without a satin bonnet or scarf on. it keeps your hair from breaking and tangling while you sleep. Also, a silk or satin pillowcase is much better than a cotton pillowcase. The Turbies by PurePersona by Nana would work perfectly for this as they are also fashionable, you don’t just wear them at night but can also wear them out too.


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