Ready to visit Ghana? Let us unravel the Ghanaian snack secret!

In Ghana, there are assorted snacks that everyone loves, from spicy to creamy snacks. Not only are these snacks irresistible when you visit Ghana, but they also have great health benefits and have a way of making you fall in love with them instantly.

Who wouldn’t love that? Now, let’s go straight into the list of delicious Ghanaian snacks.

Kosua ne Meko (Egg and Pepper)

Kosua ne Meko is a popular street snack in Ghana that will win your heart instantly. This snack can be easily found on the streets, sold by female hawkers during the day and sometimes at night, and takes little time to prepare at home, all you need is a hard-boiled egg, sliced onions, and grounded hot red chilli pepper. Slice your hard-boiled egg into half and stuff the egg with the sliced onions, and the hot red chili pepper.

Source: Pinterest/NYTCooking

Adaakwa or  Zowey

Adaakwa or Zowey is a highly nutritious snack made of groundnut powder, maize powder, sugar, and local spices. This snack can be found in most parts of Ghana, especially in traffic during the day.

Source: AfiaGhana

Roasted & Boiled Maize with Coconut

This snack is not just popular in Ghana but in other countries as well. Roasted and boiled maize with coconut can be found on every street in Ghana depending on the season. It is nutritious and rich in fiber.  The combination of both the maize (either roasted or boiled) with coconut creates a delicious, tasty bite.

Agbelikaklo with Coconut

Agbelikaklo is a crunchy savory snack mostly eaten with dried coconut. This snack is made with cassava, onion, and oil. It can be found on almost all the streets of Ghana even though it originated from the southern part of the Volta Region.

Plantain Chips

Watching a movie and wondering what to snack on, plantain chips are the best snack for you. Plantain chips is one of the most popular snacks on the streets of Ghana. It can be riped or unripe plantain.  This snack is tasty and easy to make at home.

Source: Pinterest/Behance

Nkatie Cake (Groundnut Cake)

Nkatie Cake is made from groundnut and caramel (a mixture of water and sugar put on the fire to get a brown shade). This snack is shaped like a square candy bar, It is very tasty, crunchy, and definitely a must-try if you have a sweet tooth.

Source: Pinterest/Secondrecipe

Atsoomo (Chin-Chin)

Atsoomo is another perfect snack to snack on a lazy day or watching a movie.

This delicious snack is made with coconut flour, flour, sugar, baking soda, egg, salt, and nutmeg. It is usually taken with a chilled drink or juice. Atsoomo is sold on streets, mostly in traffic.

Source: Pinterest/Immaculate Bites by African Bites

Kofi Brokeman (Roasted Plantain and Groundnut)

Don’t ask how the name came about, because we have no clue but we know it is one of the most delicious and popular snacks on the streets of Ghana and enjoyed by many. The combination of roasted plantain and groundnut is not just delicious but will satisfy you.

Source: Pinterest/kae

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