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Thrift shopping isn’t just about getting cheap outfits. There are more interesting reasons to jump on the thrift shopping train. Shopping secondhand clothes lets you dig through the racks of exciting treasures, and a little friendly competition with other serious thrifters adds to the excitement, if you have shopped in Kantamanto (one of the largest thrift markets in Accra) I believe you know what I’m talking about.

Let’s start with one of the most common reasons people shop for thrift outfits, ‘Affordability’ . These outfits are mostly affordable, compared to the actual price the outfit could have been. This would help you save more.

Can we talk about the designers you might stumble on, Imagine getting an out of stock 500USD handbag for less than the worth of 20USD. When you thrift-shop, there is a 60% chance of that happening.

When thrift shopping, you can often find clothes/accessories that were actually made in the decade that’s coming back into style, you can find genuine vintage items. You can be creative and do some awesome DIYS like turning an oversized skirt into a dress or even a fitted skirt, you can also make denim bags from oversized denim trousers or jackets.

You get to develop a unique style, you don’t end up rocking the same outfit trending and everyone is wearing it, you are less likely to find yourself wearing the same outfit a friend/colleague is wearing.

And lastly, running a thrift business. If you’re someone with a good eye for clothes, you can purchase high-quality items at a thrift or consignment shop and sell them for a higher price.

I hope this encourages you to check out a thrift market near you soon.

Written By: Betty Oladimeji

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