Covered and Chic; the Turban Fashion

by sweetadmin

Covering up your body and still look chic and gorgeous is possible with any outfit provided it is combined with the right accessories and colours.

For our Muslim mothers, aunties and sisters who wear the “Burka”, we understand how important it is for you to cover up vital parts of your body especially your hair to prove and show modesty as your religion teaches and all others as well.

While our mothers have become used to wearing the “Burka” in a certain way, it has evolved and is now called the “Turban” by many which comes in different forms, styles, colors and sizes.

They can also be styled in various ways to which ever occasion you are going to, be it Friday, for weddings, work or for every day. They are also not restrictive since you can wear it whichever way to cover your hair.

Experiment with different ways to style your hair and tie the “Burka” or turban to cover up and still look chic.

Love Mizzy.

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