Zimbabwe Fashion Week Launches Creative Accelerator Programme for 2023

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Previously known as the Young Designers Programme, Zimbabwe Fashion Week  (ZFW) has restructured its main youth development programme scheduled to begin  July 2023. Funded by The Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust and The European  Union, the newly launched Creative Accelerator Programme (CAP) will be executed in partnership with the Chinhoyi University of Technology, Department of Clothing &  Textile Technology in the School of Arts & Design (CUT).

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ZFW and CUT have signed a 5-year agreement geared towards the revamping of the department with the goal of reaching world-class educational standards and providing and maintaining up-to-date fashion and design equipment and technology.  

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“In order to support some of our key educational goals at ZFW Trust, which includes giving women the tools and resources they need to achieve effective leadership and influence decision-making in the industry value chain, we have selected a group which is 80% female with the goal of maintaining a 70/30 ratio in the future. These tools will ultimately contribute to accelerating their economic inclusion in the fashion world,” said Founder, Priscilla Chigariro.  

Over the past few months, the initial group of 10 cohorts was selected from the 4th  year students by both CUT faculty and ZFW. The Creative Accelerator Programme at  Zimbabwe Fashion Week is a 13-week, creative-focused, and driven program. CAP  empowers you to reach your creative potential through rigorous self-evaluation,  intensive mentorship, and project-based work. The curriculum is guided by topics creatives feel they are missing in their general curriculum that will enrich their individual creative goals. Every year, the program will evolve based on the specifications of that particular group of cohorts.  

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“We are extremely proud of the talent that has emerged from our faculty over the years and we are excited to see how each student who has been selected as a 2023  cohort will put their best “fashion-foot” forward,” said Dr. Verity Muzenda,  Executive Dean, School of Art and Design, Chinhoyi University of Technology. 

The following are the first group of cohorts for Zimbabwe Fashion Week, Creative  Accelerator Programme 2023: Tanaka Lorraine Chaza, Isheunoziva Angeline Zuze, Juliet Madyavuta, Colleen  Mutemasango, Diana Mlambo, Leon Chirauga, Tendai Bhiza, Charlington Moyo,  Tafadzwa Chimuso, Ashley Blantina Kagande. 

Of her programme expectations, CAP 2023 cohort Ashley Blantina Kagande hopes, To get as much fashion knowledge and tips on starting and maintaining a  sustainable fashion business.”  

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ZFW Director, Mr Marshall Mutsamwira added, “Our talented and knowledgeable  Advisory Board, who are active professionals and entrepreneurs in various fashion  and arts-related fields, will share their insights and skills to help create a base  curriculum with the following subject pillars – Technology In Fashion, Cultural  Preservation, Building a Sustainable Brand and Effective Leadership.”  

Each cohort’s design created during this year’s programme will be showcased at  Zimbabwe Fashion Week – The Shows, in Victoria Falls in October 2023.  For more details about Zimbabwe Fashion Week 2023, please visit the website –  www.zimbabwefashionweek.com email zimbabwefashionweek@gmail.com, or call  +263 789 892 807.

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