Vals Date After Work? Here Are Some Makeup Tips and Tricks That Last All Day.

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This year’s Valentine’s celebration falls on a working day. Not just any regular one. A hot nerve-wracking Monday.

But this shouldn’t interfere with your date night plans after work. Are you wondering how you can get to your date after a long day’s work with your makeup still looking all fresh and in place?

Well, your makeup genie is here with tips and tricks to help you keep your makeup fresh and in place all day.

Let’s start with the Skin

Before we can get started with makeup, we have to address the issue of how important it is to take care of your skin. For your makeup to sit well and last long, you’ll have to start with a great base and protective barrier on your skin. Proper skin care lays the foundation for a flawless makeup application.

You don’t need a tall list of routines to follow. The ‘basic 3’, which includes; cleansing your skin, toning, and applying a moisturizer can suffice. You may want to throw in sunscreen if your foundation does not contain some.

Now, Makeup

To achieve the best results for long-lasting makeup, it’s very essential to apply a primer after your skin has absorbed all the skincare products. A primer helps hold your foundation and all other products layered on your skin.

In your foundation application and overall makeup application, a little product goes a long way. You have to use minimal products to achieve great results and gradually build up products you feel require more coverage. Piling on too many products can cause your makeup to smudge, fall, or separate.

For well-set and long-lasting makeup, it’s important to layer your products well. Once your concealer is applied, stipple a little amount of translucent setting powder into the highlighted areas and pressed powder on the other parts of the face, all blending in perfectly.

When applying makeup, it’s essential to use quality and long-wearing products to help your look stay smudge-free all day long. After your makeup application, use a setting spray to seal your makeup for a very natural look that lasts all day.

Additional Tips on How Your Makeup Can Last All Day

Blot and Retouch

Blotting papers soak up oils, but in my experience and that of several other makeup artists, blotting papers have a history of taking off makeup and you definitely don’t want that.

Instead of using blotting papers, try using The Revlon Oil-absorbing Volcanic Stone Roller which is a reusable, on-the-go roller that instantly absorbs excess oil on the go on the skin. A better and cheaper alternative is using a pack of paper towels to gently dab your face when it gets oily.

Do not touch

One of the most difficult but important things to keep in mind is not to touch your face throughout the day. As tempting as it might be, you need to keep your hands off. Touching your face can smudge your makeup and transfer bacteria onto your face. If you feel any form of irritation or itchiness, using a paper towel can be a better option.

Keep an ‘essentials’ kit

Your touch-up kit can be a pouch or Ziploc keeping essential products and tools fresh all day long. In your touch-up kit, you’ll need essentials like The Revlon Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Stone Roller, paper towels, etc which will help you take away any unwanted shines or excess oil production.

Don’t forget it’s Valentine’s day and you might want to throw in a rouge lippie to add some extra spice. These are my best tips, tricks, and recommendations on maintaining your makeup throughout work and your Vals day date.

I hope you find it helpful and informative.

Flora Addison is a Public Relations assistant at E’April PR, a boutique Public Relations agency for Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Brands, and also Creative Director and Head Makeup Artist at Fleur Glow, an emerging makeup company. You can check out her works on @fleur_glow on Instagram and Fleur Glow on Facebook. She is on Instagram as @ms_flora__ and Flora Kutorkor Addison on all other platforms.

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