Top 4 Spots in Ghana to Hangout this Valentine

by Editor

The month of love is here again.

February happens to come along with its own troubles right after the holiday rush of Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Many people have great plans of making their loved ones feel special on Vals Day. Spending quality time in a serene and exquisite environment is equally important to how special you want your lover to feel.

Trying to figure out a getaway with your partner this month? I have put together four amazing spots for you to rekindle your love.

Bojo Beach Resort

Considering a refreshing place to spend time with your special one? Situated next to the Densu River Delta, Ramsar site and Atlantic Ocean, Bojo beach resort can be the best place for you to be.

The accommodation available is simply the best and gives you many options for your budget. There’s a pool and a restaurant to enjoy good food and drinks. Biking and canoeing at Bojo Beach Resort won’t be bad alternatives.

Lou Moon Lodge

Just about 100-120 minutes’ drive from Takoradi airport, Lou Moon Lodge is another spot with a whole vibe.

The atmosphere at Lou Moon Lodge is very calm. The ocean, with its soothing color and feel, adds to the destination’s calming and luxurious aura. Reminiscing in such a peaceful environment with your partner can never be a miss. There are private pools available.

Aqua Safari

It will be unfair curating spots for lovers and omitting Aqua Safari. Situated in Ada is another beach resort with its unique ambiance.

A beach coupled with apartments for relaxation. You get to enjoy a wide range of dishes, wine and engage in several activities.

White Sand Beach Resorts

A perfect spot that offers the required satisfaction without having to talk much. White Sand Beach Resort is a magical spot where you get to enjoy a variety of dishes from their restaurant.

There’s a club house, bar, a beach, a tennis court and helipad.

Well, any of these places can make your month of love exceptional. It’s up to you to decide.

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