Titi Owusu Covers February/March Issue of Debonair Afrik Magazine

by Editor

Music and fashion are two of the most popular industries in the world that celebrates individualism and expression. These mega industries are instrumental in celebrating and narrating the black narrative.

In celebration of this, the February – March issue of the Debonair Afrik magazine features singer, and songwriter Titi Owusu.

Titi Owusu is a Ghanaian genre-versatile singer, and songwriter who gained her acclamation from Ghanaians during her stint at the 2014 Vodafone Icons.

In a wide-ranging conversation, Titi Owusu speaks about her new single Odo Ntia, and gave insight on her growth in the music industry post Vodafone Icons, and her inspirations when making music.

She also talks about celebrating African artistes and shared her views on celebrating African artistes. Read the full cover story on www.debonairafrik.com


  • Cover Star: Titi Owusu
  • Photography: Gilbert Asante for LaceUp Media (@gilbertasante)
  • Creative Direction / Styling : Nuel Bans (@officialnuelbans) 
  • Beauty Direction: Alexandrina
  • Hair: Hair by Dede for Debonair Afrik Studios
  • Makeup: Paintedbylinus_
  • Outfits: AL Woman, Boyedoe, Debonair Afrik Studios
  • Interview: Ruth A. Bekoe
  • Stylist : Rachel Akonor
  • Production: Debonair Afrik Studios

About Debonair Afrik

Debonair Afrik is an African-based fashion media publication, which branches in fashion, lifestyles, publications, and events. Debonair Afrik distinguishes itself with its unique neo-Africanism approach to evolving fashion industry in Africa. The Debonair Afrik Magazine is carefully curated, and seeks to be the eye through which its readers explore the fine imagery, elegance, and luxury of the growing fashion scene in Africa.

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