Threaded Tribes: A brand incorporating the concept of African unity and togetherness in its aesthetic pieces.

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Threaded tribes is a luxury and sustainable brand in Ghana founded by designer Awurama Mankatah. The brand which was birthed some six years ago has grown to be a recognized brand in Ghana and beyond. The inspiration behind the clothing line was birthed when Awurama saw a mud cloth on a regular regime of visiting the craft market. It hit her that most people do not use those fabrics in making clothes.

That was when the idea was conceived and has subsequently grown to become Threaded Tribes. According to her, the reason for the name of her brand is because ‘threaded’ stands for the fabrics used in making the garments; Baule, mud, and indigo clothes are all basically threads that have been woven together. ‘Tribes’, on the other hand, resonates with the latter’s aim to integrate themes of unity and togetherness in her works.

The fashion brand has received international recognition on various platforms. The brand showcased its collection at the Afrodyssee Fashion Show and Festival in Geneva and the Lagos Fashion week show thread exhibition. Awurama was recently among the fourteen selected designers for the International Fashion Week in Amsterdam.

Check out some of her breathtaking designs.

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