Nigeria’s El’bryt Draws Inspiration from the Drama Series ‘Game of Thrones’ for New Collection

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Year after year, we see designers create collections but have you ever wondered how they could create such unique masterpieces? For the most part, being a fashion designer goes beyond sewing. An essential aspect of a fashion designer is drawing inspiration from things around and creating something unique. Some designers get inspired by nature, arts, music, and many more.

El’bryt is no different when it comes to drawing inspiration from the things we see around us. In his recent collection which was showcased at the recently held Ghana menswear week, you could see the elements of the Game of Thrones drama series in each piece of the collection, from the robes and the eye-catching details on each garment to the styling of the outfits. The audience was left in awe as the all-black apparel strolled the runway by stunning models who gracefully showcased the collection.

In an interview with the creative director Bright, he said the collection was inspired by the drama series “Game of Thrones” characters’ costumes, and he used black because of his love for the color black. He further went on to tell us about how he is open to collaborating with some designers who also showcased on the ghana menswear week runway show.

This was El’bryt’s first time showcasing on a Ghanaian fashion runway show, and we would love to see more of him in the coming years.

Check out some of the pieces from his collection.

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