Style And Confidence: 5 Tips To Doll Up With Confidence

by Editor

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”

-Rachel Zoe

Everyone at some point has struggled with self-confidence and one way to build your confidence in how you dress. Waking up and stepping out looking and feeling your best is essential to having a productive day. Real confidence does not come with wearing expensive brands but with how well you put your outfits together, ensuring they suit the occasion.

Here are 5 tips on how to switch up your confidence level with style.

Consider Your Body Type

Half the time we are overly harsh when it comes to our physique to the point where we dress from the perspective of trying to hide or fix a certain part of us. Knowing your body type makes it easy to know what to wear and what not to wear. That helps to accentuate your best features. The key is to understand your body type and highlight your favourite features and draw attention away from those features you don’t like.

Colour With Confidence

Dressing in your favourite colour will always boost your confidence from 0 to 100 real quick. If you’re not sure or don’t have a favourite colour, you can always try on a couple of colours and take note of the compliments you get. If someone has ever told you that “you look really good in that colour”, consider wearing that colour more often.

A Doll With a Personal Style

Defining your style is a good way to communicate confidence to the world without you even speaking.
When you develop a personal style, you are creating a unique image that helps you to express yourself and embody the person you truly are.

Confidence in Comfort

Being comfortable in what you wear is very important in building your self-confidence. You shouldn’t be left feeling stiff or unable to relax in the things you wear. Comfort is not limited to the clothes we wear. It can extend to undergarments and even footwear. Define what is comfortable to you and level up your confidence.

Doll Up For The Occasion

An awkward situation is when you are over or underdressed for an occasion, it’s the most uncomfortable feeling ever. The occasions dictate how we should dress to suit the mood of the events, from formal to informal events. Turn up for an occasion with a suitable outfit and walk the aisle with confidence.

Remember, dressing up with confidence comes with practice. Don’t stress and enjoy the fashion journey.

Written by Miss Anowaa

Thelma Quainoo is my name and my pen name is Miss Anowaa. My zodiac sign is Aries and that alone will tell you I am a bubbly soul. A writer and an aspiring public relations practitioner. Find me on IG as @miss_anowaa. #beyouloveyou

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