Selorm Fiadjoe Recounts His Installation At the Global Citizen Head Office in New York

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2022 was a big year for Selorm. The 10th edition of the Global Citizen Festival, which is one of the most thrilling music experiences on the globe, was to be hosted in New York and Accra. A colorful handwoven silk thread art piece from Selorm’s ENA Gallery, autographed by numerous high-profile guests, had become an icon of the Global Citizen festival’s Accra leg, intriguing performers and patrons alike.

The artwork had the festival’s billed performers arranged in the shape of a big ‘U’ signifying unity. Everything about the artwork was deliberate and had a powerful meaning and he talked to me about how special the moment was for him.

A year after this career highlight, the artwork was installed at Global Citizen’s head office in New York, to mark the African Union holiday. In a conversation with Selorm, he revealed that his relationship with Global Citizen was strengthened after last year, making it easier to unpack this installation and future collaborations.

Beyond the artworks on display, Selorm and his team went all out to deliver a cultural experience at the Global Citizen’s head office, befitting the African Union celebration. As regards, the setup featured various visual cultural elements and artifacts, from Kente to traditional stools, to make the viewing experience worthwhile. Guests at the installation also got to enjoy Ghanaian meals, network, and take pictures.

At the event, the President of the Global Citizen Festival talked about the positive impact and social change underscoring the festival and the significance of the artwork while Selorm re-emphasized the need for sustainable working relations and collaborations to create more opportunities for the youth in Africa.

Selorm and his team have also exhibited their artwork in Harlem, a Kente Gallery, and Museum Mile in New York. Speaking on what’s next, Selorm hints at his plans to present another of his signature art pieces to the Mayor of New York, and film a documentary to capture the striding journey and backstories of his gallery’s artworks.

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