Recent Trends in Gele Styling.

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 Gele is a head tie that cannot be made anyhow. It demands extensive experience. Just as a head tie is tagged as ‘Duku’ in the Ghanaian society, Gele is to wit head tie in Nigeria. Take me back to the days when brides, bridesmaids, and even guests used to slay in ponytails and wigs for wedding ceremonies. Not forgetting the different hairstyles ladies could wear to different functions. Having observed critically, I noticed there has been a gradual transition from slaying in wigs to wearing Gele. Ladies in recent times rock this Gele in different colors, and styles. Several exquisite weddings and adorable celebrities I spot on social media often give credit to the Gele center for the awesome work done. So, I sought to ask several questions about this trending Gele. 

Emmanuella Erinma Ukoha is one of the many people taking the Gele business to a new dimension. Born at Apapa in Lagos, the mastermind behind the trendy Gele in recent times has played a very crucial role in Gele dominating the usual ‘Duku’ and wigs at functions. Gele already existed but the ‘Autogele’ from the Gele center has helped many in diverse ways. The already made Gele, known as ‘Autogele’ requires no experience to fix and appear glamorous on any occasion. Emmanuella believes that every pretty woman is adorned in her Gele and that inspires her to work harder. For three years running, she has made it possible for every lady to rock any Gele of her choice without any assistance. Knowing that alone brings her satisfaction. 

Emmanuella describes Gele as a cloth designed purposely for covering the heads of women.

‘Gele is a specific headscarf used by women in western, southern Africa, and beyond. Fabrics such as Asooke, sego, Ankaara, and silk are used for making Gele.

Emanuella Erinma Ukoha

The businesswoman recounts that the purchase and use of Gele differ from country to country. Gele is often purchased and worn mostly by Nigerian women to any occasion of their choice. A Nigerian woman confidently rocks Gele to church, feast, and any other event. It is evident that wearing Gele in Ghana is common mainly during traditional marriages and some religious occasions. You’re likely to find the round, fan, twist, double-sided fan, bow, knot, ascot rose, round ace, half fan, and Avant Gele. All these styles symbolize power and status. However, the entrepreneur believes how you tie your Gele could give it a new meaning. 

The Gele center stands out as a brand because of its originality and consistency. It has gained firm ground because Emmanuella considers the priority of her customers first.

‘We give value for every Gele order made, we don’t compromise using quality woven Asooke for our autogele and quality accessories for any of our gele services. We don’t treat specific type of people as VVIP, because to the Gele Center, every client is a VVIP and must be treated equally and important’. 

Emanuella Erinma Ukoha

For all your different Gele styles, the Gele center is ready to offer its quality services affordably. The Gele center is just a dm away. You can reach out to them on Instagram:@the_gele_center, on Facebook as The GELE center, twitter, @the_gele_center (The Gele Center), TikTok: @thegelecenter1.

Written by Ankomah Faustina Afrakomah

She’s an emerging PR practitioner determined to achieve greater heights. Ankomah Faustina Afrakomah is an assertive young lady who believes in different aspects of social life and lifestyle. She is a firm believer that what will be, will be. You can find her on LinkedIn as Faustina Afrakomah Ankomah and on Instagram as @faustina_whiteney

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Success April 19, 2022 - 7:04 am

The Gele Center is the best in this business, always leaves her clients satisfied and happy…

Glory Kalu April 19, 2022 - 7:18 am

Yes gele center is the best, before I find it difficult to tie head tie but now it has been made simple by the Gele center and the styles are always beautiful!!

Chidinma April 19, 2022 - 9:57 am

The Gele Center is here to stay!

Emmanuella Ukoha April 19, 2022 - 10:06 am

Thank You so Much 🤗

Stanley Ukoha April 19, 2022 - 10:20 am

The gele center is the best gele stylist in Ghana and also a very good hearted woman, always having a beautiful smile on her face.


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