Producers of GTP and Woodin Fabrics Anticipate the Implementation of the Textile Tax Stamp as Counterfeit Fabrics Flood the Market

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Tex Styles Ghana (TSG), producers of GTP and Woodin Fabrics, and marketers of Vlisco in Ghana held a media engagement event recently with the main aim to highlight their key achievements and sales challenges. 

Emmanuel Debrah, sales director of TSG.

At the media engagement, the sales director of TSG, Emmanuel Debrah, in his presentation, highlighted some of the key challenges facing the leading textiles company. These challenges included fake GTP designs being copied and imported into the country (for instance, GTP fabric branding and labeling), currency depreciation, competitive pricing index due to the smuggling of Chinese fabrics, and the dwindling trade capital as a result of the frequent price increases. These challenges have hugely affected production and its performance calling on the public to support the implementation of “The Textile Tax Stamp,” which is said to be effected in March 2023. 

The Tax Stamp, when implemented, will ensure a reduction in the importation of pirated fabrics into the country. It will allow the public to authenticate their fabric to be sure they are purchasing an original and genuine GTP, Woodin, or Vlisco. It would also protect TSG designs from the copyright and compel imported textile producers to become tax compliant.

Mavis Kumah, Head of Operations at Woodin

Mavis Kumah, Head of Operations at Woodin, also shared some insights into Woodin’s recent notable achievements as a brand for the young and vibrant generation. Among the key highlights were their collaboration with the Ghana Football Association (GFA) to produce customized fabrics and replica jerseys and with Shoe Fabriek, a local footwear company in Ghana, to produce Woodin sneakers for sale in its retail stores. 

As the leading fabric retailer with 22 stores across the continent and 11 in Ghana, Woodin stores and styles reflect the African pride and versatility in a vibrant and creative atmosphere with its aim to be the top retailer in Africa. It boasts over 25 Garment factories enrolled in Ready-to-Wear production, with 400 new designs of fabrics produced every year with 4 major concept collections. 

Woodin is designed and manufactured by teams in both Ivory Coast and Ghana. The limited-edition fabrics produce men’s shirts, ladies’ wear, and fashion accessories. 

The media also had the opportunity to take a tour of the factory that produces both GTP and Woodin fabrics led by the Technical Training Manager, Kwaku Adae.

Kwaku Adae, Technical Training Manager,

Here are some more photos from the Tex Styles Ghana’s media engagement.

Joyce Ahiadorme, Head of Transformation and Communications

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