Planning a Bridal Shower? Here’s all You Need to Know.

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The gift-giving party organized for the would-be bride prior to her big day requires proper planning. Friends and family members of the bride make merry and shower gifts before she finally ties the knot. It is exciting planning a bridal shower as well as a daunting task. This article explores great tips you need to know in planning a perfect bridal shower. 

Create a Shower Budget

Failing to create a budget is never a better option to consider. Rather, it is the first step needed to facilitate the whole process. In creating a budget for your bridal shower, expenses covering photography, videography, drinks, food, décor, customized posters, tassel garlands, balloons, and photo backdrops should be considered. Based on what you can afford, you get to have your bridal shower peacefully without incurring extra costs. 

Choose an Appropriate Date for the Bridal Shower

Getting in touch with the would-be bride to know the appropriate date for the bridal shower is very important. The date chosen must be appropriate for the bride-to-be as well as invited guests. The selected date for the gift-giving party should also fall within the timeline for the wedding. 

Choose a Convenient Location

Depending on the theme chosen, you can proceed to select the appropriate location. Hunting for a bridal shower venue is not easy, especially in cases where the host does not offer a place for the bridal shower. If the bride-to-be is a wine lover, the bridal shower can be held in a winery. A restaurant will be a perfect place for food lovers to hold the bridal shower. Apparently, select a location based on the bride’s preferences. The bridal shower can be held in a private banquet room, art gallery, or spa. The bride-to-be can be consulted when you are not too sure about where to hold the bridal shower. The location chosen must be a convenient setting for key invited guests. 

Create a Guest List for the Bridal Shower

 In creating the party guest list, get the bride-to-be to present her invite list. The address of each and every guest must be attached. The final list can be created with a number of guests taking into consideration where you intend to hold the party.

Make it exciting as possible

The pre-wedding party shouldn’t be a strict and serious event.  There should be engaging activities to entertain everyone from the start to the end. Think about interesting bridal games when planning the bridal shower. 

Bridal showers can be a bit awkward when planned anyhow. Either way, you can have all the anticipated fun when it is planned well. The elegant party held for the bride-to-be should never be confused for a bachelorette party. Plan properly and have a great time. 

Written by Ankomah Faustina Afrakomah

She’s an emerging PR practitioner determined to achieve greater heights. Ankomah Faustina Afrakomah is an assertive young lady who believes in different aspects of social life and lifestyle. She is a firm believer that what will be, will be. You can find her on LinkedIn as Faustina Afrakomah Ankomah and on Instagram as @faustina_whiteney. 

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