Ntoma Style Inspo: 5 Times Berla Mundi Stylishly Wore GTP

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Ntoma is a local name given to a fabric or print. In Ghana, it is mostly worn to funerals, church and other ceremonial occasions.

Over the years, what used to be a ceremonial wear has become a mainstay of Ghanaian corporate culture. Many people wear fabric outfits to work, especially on Fridays.

Ntoma mostly has adinkra symbols and features other local design elements. Some are also given Ghanaian names telling relatable stories. That way, the fabrics do not merely become things we own but who we are as a people.

One of the leading Ntoma companies in Ghana is GTP, the brand known for producing authentic and original African fabric. GTP has a range of fabric collections suitable for every occasion, and over the years, we have seen the fabric brand associate with renowned personalities like Berla Mundi.

Berla Mundi is one of Ghana’s most fashionable female media personalities, and her style cuts across from the red carpet to the office. The media mauve has not just conquered the media space but has also defined her fashion style with the brand’s fabrics, and taking style inspirations from fashionable personalities like her can never be a miss.

Here are 5 times Berlamundi turned heads wearing GTP.

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