Nail Care: A Beginner’s Guide

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To many, caring for their nails is not a priority compared to the skin and hair. But every part of the human body matters.

Starting with a simple nail care routine can stimulate your interest in nail care. Follow these basic steps to help you care for your nails properly.

Moisturize your nails

This sounds basic, but it’s important. Just as you moisturize your skin and face, it is equally important to moisturize your nails as well. Exposure to too much heat and harsh weather conditions makes your nails dry. Sticking to a moisturizing routine can make the nails stronger and healthier. Almond oil, coconut oil, and lotions are great alternatives to help in your moisturizing journey.

Leave your cuticles alone

Deliberately cutting your cuticles can lead to infections and ultimately damage your nails. Always have in mind that the more you continue cutting or biting the skin designed for protection, you become prone to infections. This is a great tip for beginners. That’s not to say you shouldn’t cut any excess away, but make sure it isn’t too close to the skin.

Keep them clean

Keeping your nails clean is not about how often you wash your hand although it is necessary. Get yourself a nail brush and stick to cleaning your nails frequently. Remember to clean away old polish before applying a new coat.

Shape them properly

Trimming and filing are basic ways of grooming your nails. In shaping your nails properly, you will need a basic manicure kit. You will have access to tools like a glass file, a nail buffer, and a cuticle pusher. Make sure to file your nails right after trimming them. Sticking to this smoothens the rough edges of your nails.

Pay attention to the length

Many people take delight in keeping their nails long for reasons hard to explain. Again, shape them properly, not to become too short. They can easily break or split when left too long.

Just as your skin had a noticeable glow when you decided to care for it properly, doing the same to your nails
can be a great way to appreciate its appearance.

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