Meet Philip Nsiah, the Multi-Skilled Textile Designer Continuing his Mother’s Legacy

by Editor

Growing up, I always admired the making of Tie-and-Dye fabrics and the pride on the faces of these fabric artisans. The beauty of the fabric always had to do with the colours, the designs, and how much love it was made with.

One of AkosaMetier’s culturally named fabrics.

The history of tie-dye goes way back to the 60s rooted in Asia. Let’s leave the history for another time.

A sense of a nostalgic emotion crawled in when my eyes caught a colourful tie-dye shirt whiles scrolling through my Instagram feed about a month ago, curious to know where the beauty was acquired, I checked the caption and I found AKOSAHMÈTIER as the fabric designer.  The page is a world of colours and it felt like walking into an exhibition centre with endless fabric designs to pick from.

I knew I just had to DM the owner and have a chat with the brains behind these beautiful handmade textiles.

Kojo Akosah Brempong. Credit: Intstagram

Philip Nsiah, popularly known as AKOSAHMÈTIER is a multi-skilled textile designer who produces indigenous African fabric and his area of expertise in fabric design is Batik, Tritik, and Tie-dye. He won the 2021 Best Textile Student at Kumasi Tertiary Fashion Week and Awards.

Philip was exposed to fashion in the early stages of his life by his mum who doubled as a fashion and textile designer, where he learnt the fundamental principles of being a textile designer.

He handmakes each fabric produced under the AKOSAHMÈTIER brand. He told me the visual intentions of each work produced by him are geared towards Pan Africanism, nature, and symbolic colour matching. He hopes the AKOSAHMÈTIER brand will become a textile household name across the globe which will put Ghana on the map. Being the best version of what he does and consistently produces fabrics that tell African stories.

When I asked him what fuels his ambitions, he said the creative freedom to express the symbols of his culture without being misunderstood.

You would agree with him if he says textiles designers are not well recognized in the fashion industry and the creative industry at large which makes it difficult to get the recognition they deserve as creatives.

A personality like himself who has toddled in the textile industry since 2019 deserves a pat on his back. Philip believes that anyone who respects nature and colours will be welcomed everywhere.

The brand “AkosahMetièr” defines the thin line between colourful African culture & fabric craftsmanship


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Douglas March 14, 2022 - 9:58 am

This guy is good!!!! Keep it up boss

Collins Aiden March 15, 2022 - 12:24 am

Real scarce talent. Great work, bro ❤️‍🔥


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