Makeup Ghana To Develop An HND Program In The Beauty And Wellness Sector

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Industry experts and stakeholders commence HND curriculum development in Makeup Artistry, to complete the learning path for standardized training and specialization in the makeup sub-sector of the beauty and wellness industry, to accelerate job creation.

Makeup Ghana, the advocate for the Beauty as part of its advocacy, started the Standardization Project in 2018. The initiative is to bring standards into the beauty industry in Ghana, through a three-prong approach (Certification & Licensing; Code of Practice; Product Certification), covering all stakeholders (practitioners, brands, and retailers), starting with certification & licensing.

In 2019 and 2020, with funding from the Skills Development Fund (SDF) and Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (COTVET), now CTVET, the first path to certification & licensing was completed. Level 3 – National Certificate 1 in Makeup Artistry and Level 3 – National Certificate 2 developed collectively with the industry is now part of Ghana’s National TVET Qualification Framework.

Although this was a great accomplishment for such a young sub-sector as makeup, the work was not complete. Due to the demand for greater depth in specialization training, to combat an over-saturation of lower-level qualified makeup artists and to adhere to technical policies within the National TVET Qualification Framework, a higher-level program was required.

Makeup Ghana applied to the Ghana Skills Development Fund (GSDF), a subcomponent of the Ghana Jobs and Skill Project (GSJP), implemented by the Commission for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (CTVET), stating the demand for higher paying and specialist makeup artistry jobs, which will be facilitated by a Level 5 TVET program. As a demand-driven challenge fund, they approved the project to maintain the job growth momentum for this fast-growth, female-driven sub-sector.

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Speaking on securing the funding, Rebecca Donkor, the CEO of Makeup Ghana said, ‘

The hallmark of a progressive sector is recognizing bottlenecks hampering growth early. Saturation in Certificate 1 trained Makeup Artists has led to unhealthy competition with low-priced services. We needed a path to grow the number of Certificate 2 trained makeup professionals and more importantly, a path for Specialization for more lucrative work opportunities and faster job growth.

Rebecca Donkor, the CEO of Makeup Ghana
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This HND program is the path to facilitating the demand and we are grateful to GSDF and CTVET for their support. We are also extremely grateful to our industry practitioners and other stakeholders for dedicating their time, knowledge, and resources to this national assignment.

The Makeup industry is pioneering an HND program in the beauty & wellness sector and we look forward to this spurring on more such initiatives.’

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