Made in Africa: Beyonce Performs in Custom Tongoro Outfit For Her Renaissance World Tour Stop in Santa Clara

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Beyonce’s ongoing ninth Renaissance World tour, running from May to September, has already grossed enough to make it the highest-grossing tour by a female artiste. It’s her first tour in seven years, so you can expect a mad rush for Beyoncé tickets.

Beyond all the juicy statistics, Queen Bey’s daring looks courtesy of African fashion brands like Sarah Diouf’s Tongoro have made the tour all the more worth obsessing over.

“It should cost a billion to look this good.”

Pure Honey by Beyoncé

Well, her tour wardrobe, from the enthralling Alexander McQueen crystal-embroidered bodysuit to the specially made Tongoro custom NARI bodysuit, says it all. Queen Bey returned in May to the solo stage after seven years, and she didn’t fail to dress the part.

As has become typical of Beyoncé, her looks involve thousands of hours of work and input from her fashion team and world-renowned designers like Tongoro’s Sarah Diouf.

Tongoro is a Senegalese fashion brand founded by Sarah Diouf in 2016. The fashion brand is known for daring intricately handmade pieces that mirror the beauty of African fashion and craftmanship.

Beyoncé and her thirty-member dance team for the Santa Clara leg of the Renaissance Tour held at the Levi’s Stadium on Wednesday, August 30, 2023, wore outfits, hand-gloves and thigh-high boots all handmade in Dakar, Senegal. The look manifested by Sarah Diouf, was styled by Shiona Turini and assisted by Erica Boisaubin.

According to Sarah Diouf, Tongoro’s founder, working with Beyoncé for the 8th time is nothing short of “an honour and pride.”

8 times Beyoncé has dazzled in Tongoro. Source: Instagram/TongoroStudio

Heralded as one of Africa’s top female fashion designers, Sarah Diouf has since Beyoncé’s stop in Santa Clara, shared several exclusive behind-the-scenes footages, letting fans in on Tongoro’s journey to the Rennaisance World Tour as they express their admiration for the fashion house’s landmark feet.

Was at the concert last night and when she came out in thisssssssss!!!! BAYBAAAAY. My jaw dropped” exclaimed one fan. Another comment read “look around and everyone is on, mute. It’s that Tongoro ENERGY!!!!”

Check out some more photos, as Beyoncé took the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara glorified in the custom-made Nari body suit, created by Senegal’s fashion powerhouse, Tongoro.

Source: Instagram/TongoroStudio
Source: Instagram/TongoroStudio
Source: Instagram/TongoroStudio
Source: Instagram/TongoroStudio
Source: Instagram/TongoroStudio
Source: Instagram/TongoroStudio

By: Thelma Anowaa.

A Fashion and Lifestyle Writer from Ghana, West Africa. Always had a dream of becoming a Public Relations practitioner but somehow her hobby turned into an exciting journey filled with experiences in creative writing, content managing, and copywriting.

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