Lagos Fashion Week 2023: The Streets of Lagos Come Alive At LFW 23Miss

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Once again, the much-anticipated moment can finally be ticked off – the thirteenth edition of Lagos Fashion Week 2023 (LFW).

Source; Instagram/barak_j.o

Embracing the theme ‘Standing the Test of Time, the event once again displays the unmatched vibrancy and innovation inherent in the Nigerian fashion landscape. 

As the age-old saying asserts, ‘Naija no dey carry last,’ and true to form, this year’s LFW showcased an eclectic fusion of style, setting the streets ablaze with creativity. 

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 Lagos Fashion Week isn’t solely confined to the grand catwalks and designer showcases. It’s a celebration that spills out onto the streets, where showgoers become real-life models, exhibiting a mesmerizing array of styles that encapsulate the true essence of Lagosian fashion. 

Source: instagram/eniafemomodu

Boldness is the mantra of LFW’s street style– for attendees, their attire is a canvas for self-expression. Showgoers aren’t afraid to experiment with diverse textures, vibrant patterns, and daring color combinations. It’s a playground for avant-garde fashion, where oversized silhouettes, mixed prints, and unexpected pairings reign supreme.

The streets of Lagos have spoken, and we’re thrilled to present the electrifying street style brought to life by the showgoers, offering you an exclusive glimpse into the vibrant and dynamic fashion landscape of Lagos.

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Here are some highlights as the streets of Lagos lit up in style for Lagos Fashion Week 2023.

Source: instagram/barak_j.o
Source: Instagram/insignaonline
Source: Instagram/oliviaarukwe
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Source: Instagram/thisthingcalledfashionn
Source: Instagram/thisthingcalledfashionn
Source: Instagram/chimmiboy
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