Keeping Your Locs: 4 Mistakes To Avoid

by Editor

Natural hair lovers usually wear locs purposely for protection. Others see it as a way of complimenting their appearance because it looks attractive. Locking your hair saves you from the stress of spending hours at the salon. It’s a perfect routine to save money as well.

This article explores five mistakes that can ruin your locs.

Your washing routine

There’s this urge of washing your hair frequently because you want to look neat and prevent your hair from stinking. Washing your locs frequently isn’t always the right choice. Staying without washing your hair at all will also not be of any help. Washing your hair once in a while other than frequently is advisable.

Manipulating and styling frequently

Styling your hair frequently has its pros and cons. You weaken your scalp when you continue styling your locs tightly. You got to give your scalp some rest. You expose your hair to too much tension when you keep on manipulating and styling it.

Applying different products

Basically, a locked hair does not need many products compared to your natural hair in its raw state. There’s this urge of asking around and using products other people recommend. You might think your locked hair isn’t growing. Using different products causes a buildup that prevents your natural hair from growing. Using different conditioners and shampoos can ruin your locs and increase your hair’s susceptibility to dandruff.

Your moisturizing routine

This sounds too basic but maintaining proper locs requires dedication. Maintaining locs is a great
responsibility on its own. Never forget to apply oil to your scalp when you ought to.

Generally, without patience and dedication, your locs cannot be maintained as expected. Refraining from these acts can help your natural hair growth.

Faustina Ankomah

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