GTP Unveils Exclusive Fabric Delights At First Retail Store Grand Opening In Osu

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Ghana Textile Printing (GTP) created history with the launch of its maiden retail store in Osu, a significant milestone marking the company’s first physical establishment in Ghana.

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Situated strategically on Osu Oxford Street, the heart of Accra, the store’s location ensures that the richness of GTP fabrics is now within the arm’s reach of everyone, inviting locals and visitors alike to explore the beauty and legacy encapsulated in these prints.

Source: Instagram/OfficialSikaOsei

“It was high time that we had to open our first GTP store,” expressed Jessica Okwabi, Head of Retail at GTP. She emphasized the location’s choice, stating, “Osu Oxford Street is the perfect place because this is the place that lots of people frequent.” This decision aligns with GTP’s commitment to offering an easily accessible space for the brand’s enthusiasts and new patrons.

The exclusivity of the fabrics featured in this store is a standout feature. These unique textiles are available only in this particular establishment, showcasing a collection that intertwines tradition and innovation in every print. It’s a treasure trove of authenticity, offering designs that cannot be found anywhere else in the market.

Breaking new ground in the fashion realm, GTP has ventured into the realm of ready-to-wear for the first time, collaborating with local artisans, including dressmakers and tailors. This partnership with local talent reflects GTP’s dedication to supporting and showcasing the craftsmanship of Ghanaian artisans.

The store features a range of ready-to-wear pieces for both men and women, embodying a lifestyle concept. The aim is for consumers to effortlessly incorporate GTP into their everyday lives, with outfits suitable for any occasion.

In her statement, MaryAnn Boaten, the Marketing Director of GTP, emphasized, “Textile is not just what you wear, it’s about making a statement.” This sentiment underscores GTP’s vision of fabric as a means of self-expression and cultural representation, extending beyond mere attire.

Moreover, the store promises not only convenience and accessibility but an assurance of authenticity and originality.

Source: Instagram/OfficialSikaOsei

The grand opening event was a sight to behold. The ambiance was filled with warmth, marked by a beautiful reception that resonated with the spirit of togetherness. With good music filling the air and an array of delectable snacks to indulge in, the evening provided an excellent opportunity for attendees to network and immerse themselves in the vibrant world of GTP fabrics.

GTP’s new store opening stands as a symbol of appreciation for the nation’s cultural heritage, offering a space for all to explore and embrace the beauty and stories woven into each fabric, making every piece a unique work of art

In essence, GTP’s new store opening stands as a symbol of the brand’s appreciation and dedication to preserving Ghanaian heritage, offering a space for all to explore and embrace the beauty and stories woven into each fabric, making every piece a unique work of art, while embracing innovation. It’s a space where tradition meets modernity, and every fabric, every design, speaks volumes about the rich cultural legacy of Ghana.

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