Graduation Outfit Inspo: Practical Ideas To Consider.

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Coming to a realization that the day set to celebrate your accomplishments over a period of time is finally upon you can leave you with different emotions. The stress, anxiety, late nights, early mornings, heartbreak from relationships, battling mental health issues, and taking unannounced quizzes without studying call for a celebration when all is said and done.

Probably, if not all, the majority of continuing students invest a lot of planning into this milestone event which is only right. Becoming a better version of who you are, learning to unlearn, and finally striving to make your efforts yield positive results is worth celebrating. 

As part of trying to leave indelible marks in your mind on your graduation day, everyone tries to look glamorous. You cannot stop thinking of different hairstyles, perfect outfits, quality shoes, and the best accessories to play the part. Putting together the perfect graduation fit can be daunting, here are some outfit ideas you may consider for your graduation.


Source: Facebook/University of Professional Studies, Accra

African Prints/Kente

Source: Facebook/University of Professional Studies, Accra



Source: Stylesart

Turtle necks  

Source: Pexels

Written by Ankomah Faustina Afrakomah 

She’s an emerging PR practitioner determined to achieve greater heights. Ankomah Faustina Afrakomah is an assertive young lady who believes in different aspects of social life and lifestyle. She is a firm believer that what will be, will be. You can find her on LinkedIn as Faustina Afrakomah Ankomah and on Instagram as @faustina_whiteney.

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