Glitz Africa Beauty Forum 2023: Here Is What You Missed

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The annual Glitz Africa Beauty Forum took place at the Underbridge on Wednesday, October 18, 2023. It served as an electrifying gathering of industry leaders, beauty enthusiasts, and influencers, all converging under one roof. 

Hosted by Andria Asare Anderson Adjei (Owner of Kanni’s Undiscovered Beauty Hair Salon, UK) and, Gina Nipah (UK International Plus size model and Owner of Hapin Beauty Lounge), this event provided an invaluable opportunity to gain first-hand insights into the ever-evolving landscape of the beauty world.

“I believe in the beauty industry, and I believe in seeing genuine, authentic Ghanaian and African entrepreneurs passionately producing local beauty products,

Claudia Lumor, founder of Glitz Africa Magazine

The forum featured an array of notable speakers and live demonstrations, transforming it into a treasure trove of information for both consumers and industry professionals.

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At the Glitz Africa Beauty Forum, industry executives like Mrs Stepanie Adu-Mudikongo (CEO, Colorbox Cosmetics), Lasandra Cavalli-Simmons (CEO, Beyondglam Enterprise), Laura Jane Lamptey (CEO, Beauty Secrets By Laura Jane), Royce Samuel (Co-Founder, King of Ponytail, Ghana and Nigeria), Priscilla Serwaa Akoto Amankwah (CEO, Prikels Hair Ltd.), Dr Alberta A. Idan (Founder & Lead Hairstylist, StylesbyStrands), Priscilla Acheampong (CEO, Nailed by Cilla), Chantell Dapaah (Content Creator), Stephanie Karikari (Founder, Safari Cosmetics Ltd.), Vicentia Ocloo (Founder, Viola Beauty), Angela Attoh (Founder, Fulfilled Aesthetics, came together to discuss latest trends, insights and navigating challenges in the beauty industry. 

Here are some key takeaways from the insightful panel.

Hygiene: The Cornerstone of Beauty

One of the most emphasized themes at the forum was the crucial need for hygiene in the beauty industry.

From salons to spas, cleanliness and safety were at the forefront of discussions. Experts emphasized the importance of sterilization of tools, regular sanitation routines, and the adoption of industry-wide standards to ensure the well-being of both clients and professionals. Knowing that your beauty provider maintains the highest hygiene standards is essential for peace of mind.

Financial Insights for Beauty Professionals

One of the most vital takeaways from the beauty forum was the emphasis on understanding finances. Financial awareness is paramount for beauty professionals, whether you run a salon, spa, or freelance beauty business.

The forum underscored that success in the beauty industry not only relies on your creative talents but also on the ability to manage your finances wisely. Many beauty professionals, despite their talent, have faced business setbacks or even closed shop due to a lack of financial management.

The forum offered concrete advice on how to avoid such pitfalls. Attendees learned that keeping a close eye on your financial health can help prevent losses and ensure the long-term sustainability of your beauty business. 

Inspiring Journeys in Beauty

The beauty forum came alive with inspiring journeys shared by panellists. These remarkable individuals revealed why they chose the beauty industry, what makes it a lucrative and fulfilling career, and the motivating aspects of their journeys. Their stories served as a reminder that passion, resilience, and unwavering dedication can transform a beauty profession into a thriving business.

Networking in a Welcoming Environment

The beauty forum wasn’t just a source of knowledge; it was a haven for forging connections and building relationships. The atmosphere was brimming with a sense of camaraderie and openness, making networking an effortless and enriching experience. 

The forum embraced a more holistic approach, creating an environment that encouraged connections. Attendees shared experiences, discussed common challenges, and even laid the foundations for future collaborations. The forum’s intimate settings, networking break, and post-event social gathering were all conducive to the establishment of lasting professional relationships.

As we close the chapter on the Glitz Africa Beauty Forum, it’s clear that this annual gathering has become a cornerstone in the beauty industry’s narrative. Beyond the insights and connections forged at this event, it’s a celebration of passion and resilience, a testament to the enduring allure of the beauty profession.

The forum illuminates the path for professionals and enthusiasts alike, offering a glimpse of what’s possible in the ever-evolving world of beauty.

In Photos: Top Moments from the Glitz Africa Beauty Forum 2023

L-R: Stephanie Adu-Mudikongo (CEO, @colorboxcosmetics) and Priscilla Acheampong (CEO, @nailed_by_cillaa).
Source: IG/GlitzAfrica.hq
Royce Samuels (King of Ponytail Ghana & Nigeria). Source: IG/GlitzAfrica.hq
Priscilla Serwah Akoto Amankwah (CEO, @prikelshairltd). Source: IG/GlitzAfrica.hq
Lasandra Cavalli-Simmons (CEO, @beyondglam_ghana)Source: IG/GlitzAfrica.hq
Dr. Alberta A. Idan (Founder, @strandsghana Source: IG/GlitzAfrica.hq

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