Ghanaian luxury brand Adubea Jensen launches “Timeless Collection”

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Born out of designer Janet Adubea’s desire to create a line of bead handbags with organic elements that are beautiful, sustainable, and timeless in appeal. 

Adubea delved deep into her world of creativity where anything and everything is possible to bring Timeless Collection to the world. 

She recounts how the slower pace (in 2020 due to the pandemic) afforded her the opportunity to re-visit and develop a line of bead handbags with natural elements such as leather and wood handles.

Taking inspiration from the beauty of nature (during her long walks outdoors), Adubea infused this into her new collection. Collaborating with a local master leatherworker (renowned for her quality leather pieces), it took many months to fine-tune her designs, tirelessly tweaking them to culminate in this captivating collection of bead handbags that have a beautiful organic feel to them, are super comfortable, and above all sustainable. She also wanted to give customers more versatility by being able to alternate between a leather strap and a chain, and the option to replace worn handles down the line.

Her selection of organic warm, earthy, natural tones reflected in the beads, leather, and wood are designed to evoke a sense of calm, healing, and connection to mother earth; and you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The collection includes large roomy totes, slick super comfy shoulder bags, sporty crossbodies, bum bags, and elegant hand and shoulder bags perfect for day to evening wear. 

The selection of metal chains, wood handles, and leather straps are top quality to ensure years of wear. Each piece is adorned with the distinct, signature metal logo embossed name badge and/ or dog-tag.

We hope you will enjoy more than just a handbag, possibly feel a stirring in your soul, a sense of wonder, connection, and sheer joy for many years to come.


Established in 2014, Adubea Jensen is a Ghanaian luxury brand that taps into the heritage beading craftsmanship to create intricate, beaded handbags to suit every demographic. Each handbag is uniquely made using tiny beads which are woven together to form exquisite one-of-a-kind bead bags. The process is 100% handmade and a bag can take up to 50 hours to make. Their beautiful craftsmanship and limited availability make owning an Adubea Jensen an irresistible must-have. 

Adubea Jensen, sourced in Africa, manufactured in Africa, exported from Africa.  Adubea Jensen; Changing lives one bead at a time. 

Shops: Labone and Airport Shop. Phone: +233 206358788. Email:

Website: Facebook: Adubea Jensen Instagram: @adubeajensen

Twitter: @adubeajensen. Photography: Phlashstudios

Models: julia_bannerman, @engraxiia Creative Direction & Styling: Mss.Deee

PR: e’april Public Relations

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