Ghanaian Fashion Brand, Ajabeng Releases New Collection.

by Editor

Ajabeng is a Ghanaian fashion brand led by designer Travis Obeng-Casper. The Afro minimalist brand was birthed in 2018 but the seed was sown so many years ago. His mother’s eclectic retro fashion sense predisposed him to the industry.

Travis also wanted to be able to create designs by himself. The brand name is derived from two Akan words “agya” which translates as ‘father’ in English and “obeng” which means smart or intelligent. Basically, the two words coalesce to mean “wise man”.

The brand employs the use of sustainable materials to make men and women wears. Since its inception four years ago, its uniqueness and originality have bolstered the brand. His deft and creative skills in bringing out eccentric styles have earned him accolades and recognition in Ghana and beyond. Ajabeng Ghana emerged as a finalist in the African Fashion week: 30 under 30 in 2020.

One of the most recent collections of the brand is the 2022 Afro Romance Collection. The collection is inspired by Ghanaian photographer James Barnor and Senegalese filmmaker Mati Diop. It features talents Nuerki and actor Emmanuel Wilberforce.

The collection seeks to tell a story of young African love. The seaside setting resonates with the theme. The Afro Romance 2022 campaign was documented by Fiifi Aban and produced by Richmond Ekow Barnes. The collection is available on folklore.

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