Ghana Heavily Represented in the November ’22 Vogue Magazine Issue

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Source: Instagram/Debonair/Afrik Studio

The successful award-winning actress and screenwriter Michaela Ewuraba Boakye-Collinson, known in the entertainment space as Michaela Coel, is the latest black cover girl in town to be gracing the Vogue Magazine’s November issue. The Ghanaian-British Actress caused a stare as she took the center spot of Vogue’s November cover, which happens to be the first Vogue magazine cover shoot in Ghana, West Africa.

In an interview with the Magazine, the actress talks about everything from how joining the ensemble cast of Wakanda Forever was a wish fulfilled and why she picked Ghana and Ghanaian creatives for her infamous Vogue cover girl episode.

Source: Instagram/MichaelaCoelWeb

In “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” Coel will play combat instructor Aneka, a fierce female character who also happens to be queer. When asked where she would like to shoot a Vogue magazine cover, Michaela ‘shooting for the stars and aiming for the moon replied, “Ghana,” -her ancestral home – and that birthed the first-ever Vogue Cover shoot shot in Ghana.

For her cover, Michaela is spotted on the busy streets of Accra with people going about their normal busy day duties and the almighty trotro(public transport) moving behind her. With each picture came a background that told different Ghanaian stories without needing an interpretation to project Ghana in her true essence. Each outfit also complimented her physique and defined her personality, making a bold statement of who she was.

The most interesting part of this cover shoot was that it was produced by Ghana’s very own Debonair Afrik Studios featuring other Ghanaian creatives, and photographed by Senegalese-Italian photographer Malik Bodian.

Debonair Afrik Studio is a creative agency that works closely with fashion brands on art direction, production of shows, and social media content to bring the brand’s vision to life. Debonair Afrik was founded by Emmanuel Ekuban(Nuel Bans), who was the executive producer for the first Vogue cover shoot in Ghana. We can say this year has been a great year for Nuel Bans, from the epic style lounge weekend to flying to Paris to join other creatives in the spirit of fostering collaboration between global brands and the Style Lounge Platform and producing Vogue magazine cover.

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