Five Honeymoon Destination Ideas for Couples

by Editor

Newly wedded couples often have this urge to scout different places with the ultimate goal of selecting the best place to spend their honeymoon. Knowing and choosing the best place to create memories and have fun becomes difficult sometimes. Many couples decide to have a great time outside the country. Others believe Ghana is blessed with various destinations they deem perfect for a honeymoon, and it is absolutely true. Thinking about where to spend your honeymoon after your wedding? I have curated five perfect destinations to ease your thinking. 

Charlestina Beach Resort

Photo: Instagram/Charlestina Beach Resort

The best place to be for your honeymoon is Charlestina Beach Resort. Located in Ampenyi, near Ayensuado junction, off Cape-Coast Takoradi Road highway, is Charlestina Beach Resort. The rooms available are well decorated and spacious. The royal suite is dubbed ‘honeymoon suite’ because you already know. It’s a romantic setting! You can reach out to them to secure a place for your honeymoon.

The Royal Senchi Resort/Hotel

Photo: Instagram/Royal Senchi Hotel/Resort

Just about a 90minutes drive from Accra is the Royal Senchi hotel. This hotel is known to be West Africa’s most romantic hotel. The hotel features a restaurant, bar, lounge, fitness center, pool, spa, playground, and a salon. Considered one of the best hotels in West Africa, the Royal Senchi hotel has won several awards over the years. It’s amazing each room has a view of the Volta River. Once you find your way to the Royal Senchi Resort or Hotel, you can explore other natural attractions like the Wli Waterfall and Tafi Monkey Sanctuary.

Coconut Groove Beach Resort

Photo: Coconut Grove Hotels Ghana website

Keep in mind that you need the perfect ambiance for a fun-filled honeymoon. You can create all the memories you have always yearned for at the Coconut Groove Beach Resort. The Resort is located in Elmina. You will get to engage in a number of recreational and leisure activities with your partner at the Coconut Groove Beach Resort.

Lemon Beach Resort

Photo: Instagram/ Lemon Beach Resort

Situated in Elmina, about 3.6km from the Elmina Castle is Lemon Beach Resort. It can never be a miss if you decide to spend time with your partner at the Lemon Beach Resort. There’s a restaurant to take care of a variety of dishes you wish to enjoy, a bar and an outdoor swimming pool to exercise and have fun.

Best Western Plus Atlantic Beach Hotel

Photo: Instagram/ Best West Plus Atlantic Beach Hotel

Best West Plus Atlantic Beach Hotel is located in the capital of the Western Region of Ghana, Takoradi. The hotel features well-furnished rooms for your honeymoon, a tennis court, a fitness center, and an outdoor swimming pool. There’s a souvenir shop where you can get your partner a thoughtful gift to make the stay worthwhile.

Spend your honeymoon at any of the above destinations and thank me later. When you get the chance to explore, do explore well, and remember you only live once. 

Written by Ankomah Faustina Afrakomah

She’s an emerging PR practitioner determined to achieve greater heights. Ankomah Faustina Afrakomah is an assertive young lady who believes in different aspects of social life and lifestyle. She is a firm believer that what will be, will be. You can find her on LinkedIn as Faustina Afrakomah Ankomah and on Instagram as @faustina_whiteney. 

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