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Are you on diet? Starving yourself? Missing some meals of the day just to lose some weight? Thinking of ways to lose some calories and maintain a figure of your choice. Looking for that dream stature to boost your self-confidence? There are some gyms in the country that consider not just losing weight, but your overall health and wellness needs. They are most sought-after because they know their stuff. Here are a few of such gyms you should check out.

Total Fitness Health Club

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It’s a highly rated club located in the ANC Mall, Accra. The total fitness club has several facilities including a swimming pool, and their payment packages are flexible, favorable for everyone regardless of their fitness goals.4.4

Pippa’s Health Center

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Pippa health center is located at Ringway estate in Accra Ghana. It offers yoga, taekwondo, dance classes, weight loss programs, and aerobics with a beauty spa.  

Fitrip Gym Ghana

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Fitrip is located along 32 Sir Emmanuel Quist Street in Accra, Ghana. The gym has multiple sessions for aerobics, dance lessons, and other fitness activities, with a rating of 4.7. One of the best in the country so far.

Aviation Social Center

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It’s located at the Airport By-pass next to the Ministry of Defense. Aviation Fitness Center comes with an extra touch featuring a basketball court and a tennis ball court. The gym exudes a homey and welcoming feel for all of its clients.

Burma Camp Leisure Center

It’s one of the largest fitness centers in Accra. It has an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and different playing courts, including tennis, basketball, volleyball, and other football facilities. The gym offers aerobic sessions every morning and evening.

Police Sports and Fitness Center (POSFC)

This fitness center is mostly used by police officers with few civilians. The fitness center offers intensive training sessions. It has an available instructor for tennis lessons if interested.

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