Top 5 Local Food Joints in Accra

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Are you a fan of Fufu, Banku, Jollof, Beans (G)b3), or Waakye? Undoubtedly, Ghana’s delectable native cuisine is among the finest aspects of living here. One of our top things to do in Ghana is to sample the native food, and for good reason. Whatever your preferred regional meal, there is undoubtedly a unique eatery for you.

Here are our picks for the best 5 local eateries in Accra.

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Source: Instagram/Mango_Ase

Mangoase is the place to be in East Legon, especially over the weekends. Its roomy outdoor setting and TV screens make it comfortable enough for you to spend more than a few hours there savouring banku and tilapia, fufu and soup, and other regional dishes.


Comedian/Influencer, SDK at Azmera Restaurant. Source: Instagram/AzmeraRestaurant

The indigenous food buffets at Azmera are unquestionably among the best in Accra, if not the best. It’s ideal for trying every local dish under the sun because there is such a large variety of food options. Azmera’s local buffet sessions might come off as expensive, often starting at 150 cedis per person, but the superb flavour and variety of the food make the expense well worth it.


Source: Instagram/theBukaRestaurant

Buka is without a doubt one of the top lunch venues in the city and is conveniently located in the heart of Osu. It frequently produces whole tables as evidence. With loud music playing and encircling wooden trellises, the first-floor location gives off a sense of seclusion from the crowd, during busy lunchtimes. The 75 seats on Buka’s airy outside terrace are always occupied during lunchtime, every day of the week. It’s particularly well-liked at noon, so make sure to pass by.

The Chop Bar

Source: Instagram/thechopbar

The Chop Bar serves authentic Ghanaian food in a contemporary setting. You won’t be disappointed by the delicious Ghanaian cuisine offered on the menu. The Chop Bar is a terrific lunch restaurant, reasonably priced, and has excellent service. Don’t forget to add the Chop Bar to your list of must-visit spots in Accra. Time to chop! It’s Your Turn!

Chez Afrique


Live bands, including highlife musicians, frequently perform at this well-known restaurant. And that’s a great compliment that comes with the wide variety of cuisine dished at Chez Afrique. You’ll often experience a highlife set that gets everyone dancing usually following a mix of reggae and other (random) hits at the beginning of the performance. The musicianship is typically top-notch.

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