Fashion’s Finest: Veekee James’ Victory at The Future Awards Africa 2023

by Editor

Veekee James claimed the top fashion honor at the recently concluded 2023 edition of The Future Awards Africa.

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This celebrated event pays homage to remarkable individuals aged 18 to 31 who have achieved outstanding feats within the year.

The event unfolded at the Balmoral Hall within the Federal Palace Hotel on a memorable Sunday evening, October 22.

Renowned by her iconic moniker, Veekee James, the talented designer, Victoria James, has gained widespread recognition for her awe-inspiring creations. 


Her exquisite dresses have graced the forms of brides and celebrities alike on the coveted red carpet, solidifying her status as a true fashion icon.

For someone whose red-carpet appearances consistently set the standard for other players in the fashion industry and celebrities, Veekee James did not merely attend the award ceremony; she owned the night. Draped in sheer elegance, she made her grand entrance in an ensemble that left an indelible mark. Her attire was nothing short of a masterpiece, featuring an intricately embellished corset bodice, adorned with cascading sleeves that artfully framed her shoulders.


The lower segment of her gown descended with a captivating grace, creating a regal sweeping train that embodied the essence of a mermaid silhouette, flawlessly highlighting her exceptional figure.

Veekee James, a name synonymous with unparalleled fashion innovation, demonstrated once again why she stands at the forefront of the industry. As her creations continue to set the gold standard for both fashion enthusiasts and celebrities, there’s no doubt that her influence will only continue to grow, solidifying her legacy as a true icon in the world of style.

By Sefakor Humade

In addition to being a creative writer and content creator, Sefakor Humade is a true creative at heart. Believing in the transformative power of kindness, She envisions a world where everyone’s genuine compassion can make it a better place.

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