Essential Makeup Brands Owned by Ghanaians.

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Makeup brands have been in existence since the 90s. Lipsticks were one of the most popularly used back then due to the colour they added to the face years ago, due to the increasing taste in enhancing our appearance.

There are so many known brands out there today. A few young ones need to be recognized, known, and gain the support of Africans. African owned makeup brands have been on the rise due to incremental taste for more beauty and cosmetics tailored to the African skin and its many shades. 

Thinking of Africa as a whole is quite a lot, right? Let’s talk of makeup brands owned by Ghanaians making waves worth knowing.

Colourbox Cosmetics

The brand was created and thrives on making women remain flawless no matter the skin type or complexion one is born with, either old or young. Maintaining one’s beauty is the overarching target. This brand was made out of the strong wiliness and desire to make their consumers have confidence in themselves within their budget.

Colorbox Cosmetics focuses on providing high quality and affordable products to enhance the appearance of women. This brand focuses on empowering women changing the narrative with quality looks and flawlessness without losing their Africanness.

Evita Joseph

Founder Evita Joseph Asare a trained mechanical engineer, produces a wide range of beauty tools, stunning lip colours and their famous product, the expert brow liner. This brand aims to make women, beauty enthusiasts, and makeup artists feel free to apply their makeup and make everyday women look their best. This brand was crowned the Ghanaian Owned Brand at the Makeup Ghana Award in 2018 for its outstanding products that year.

So Aesthetic

Sacha Okoh, a makeup artist in Ghana, is constantly motivated by finding the combinations of different shades that could suit the personality of women no matter who or how she looks. Due to her constant desire, she started her own makeup brand, the SO Aesthetic brand, an African luxury brand for women. She is known in the beauty industry as a beauty expert after decades of knowledge and experience. It features products like lipsticks, lip-glosses, eyeliners and eyebrow pencils, and brushes to sponges. Taking into consideration the environment and the use of healthy ingredients, she ensures that her products are of high quality and of the right shade for the consumer.

Paba Cosmetics

Created for women with diverse skin tones with different shades to effortlessly and uniquely match every undertone. After years of trying to find the correct shade of foundation, Felicia Sarpong was inspired to create the Paba Cosmetics. 

The brand takes pride in helping women identify their true undertones to match their self-confidence and feel good and comfortable about the type of makeup they wear by trying to change the perception that people have about using makeup as a mask to hide their true selves.

Yo’she Cosmetics

It’s a new brand that understands the fine line in combining makeup and skincare that comes after using the product. One which has an interest in the combination and blend will definitely like to try this product out. They are top sellers of makeup brushes, matte lipsticks, lashes, cleansers and shrewdness, and eye shadow palettes which have some bold shadows and neutral tones just for anyone interested.

Black Secret Make-up

This brand keeps smiles on women’s faces. The concept of developing women of substance, not forgetting the ethnic women, adds to their uniqueness. Black secret enables women to experience the exceptional quality of the product. The brand is focused on enhancing the natural beauty of the everyday woman everywhere she is seen. Their products range from pressed powder, and Crème to Powder foundation, loose powder, waterproof mascara, lip-gloss, eye shadow, and award-winning facial wipes.

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