Emerging Fashion Brand “Edjeani” announced as winner of E’April PR Makeover Project

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Edjeani, a unique and distinctive fashion brand emerges winner of the e’april PR Makeover Project – a project which forms part of the company’s corporate social responsibility. The Makeover Project is giving the young creative fashion brand, Edjeani, an opportunity to experience the importance of incorporating PR into their overall brand strategy.

The complete PR Makeover commenced with a search for a fashion brand with great potential
and needs just the right PR strategies to gain brand awareness and improve its reputation. After a number of fashion brands submitted their entries, the shortlisted brands were contacted and moved on to the next stage where Edjeani was selected as the winner of the project.

Edjeani gets a complete PR makeover which includes reworking the brand and founder profile, developing a workable communications strategy, image management, improving their digital PR footprints, securing press opportunities, media training, handling brands communications amongst others.

Edjeani specializes in Coats that are carefully handwoven with Gonja cloths put together, one cotton thread after another, through the careful guide of the smooth, curved, wooden pen. Based in Ghana and believe they have what it takes to get selected for this one-of-a-kind opportunity. CEO of Edjeani, Winifred Edjeani shared her excitement saying “I am grateful for the opportunity to be chosen as the first winner for the éapril PR Makeover Project. This is such an honor. I would say that favor has found me in unexpected regions.”

CEO of e’april PR, Ms. Faith Senam also shared the company’s goal of this project saying “We are happy to have selected a winner for this project. As a company, we have over the years believed that businesses have downplayed the importance of Public Relations. By the project, we are hoping to demonstrate how PR can be incorporated into building a strong and loveable brand.

We would offer Edjeani that opportunity to experience how PR can improve their image, position their brand in a unique way and connect them to the right audiences and targets.”

e’april PR has been in existence since 2012 with a focus on providing customized and well-tailored PR services for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands in Africa. Having worked with numerous brands, the firm has been able to help them achieve their set PR goals.

e’april Public Relations has a team of young and dynamic professionals who love what they do and translate that into every project or client they work with.

For enquiries and more information about this project and e’april PR, kindly email us at info@eaprilpr.com, Call (+233) 555 757 881, or visit www.eaprilpr.com

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