Emerging Fashion Brand Cassie Daniels’ Latest Collection is for the Cosmopolitan Woman

by Editor

The CosMo collection (to mean cosmopolitan) was inspired by the modern stylish woman who fits in anywhere and carries with her, her authenticity and deep African culture. She is confident, determined and exudes elegance in every aspect of her life. 

The choice of tye-dye technique on silk fabrics to create this collection speaks to the versatility, flexibility, and uniqueness of today’s woman.

Cassie Daniels collection is for the bold African woman who is coordinated, still deeply connected to her culture but has an open mind to explore other cultures. 

The collection features, one-piece and 2 pieces knee-length dresses that can be styled with or without belts, has long and puff-like sleeves that signify the strength and tenacity of a woman. 

Creative Director of the brand Cassie Daniel shares that, she created this collection to inspire women to embrace their African identity. “The Cosmo Collection reiterates the diverse world we live in now where we can find ourselves anywhere and must carry with us, something that makes us African”. 

This collection is a must-have for all women regardless of size, style, and season. Here are some more looks from the Cosmo collection.

About the brand

Cassie Daniels is a sustainable fashion brand established in 2019 by creative director Onome Cassie Daniel for the global community.

Inspired by ethnic cultural heritage and nature, Cassie Daniels transforms African cultural values and traditional artisanal techniques into modern feminine silhouettes for the Cassie Daniels woman who adores nature and culture, and a style that is flattering yet elegant, comfortable, and multi-functional. Cassie Daniels uses bold colours, ethical fabrics with a contemporary edge.

The brand’s mission is to positively contribute to Africa’s economic growth and decent work by producing and retailing garments ranging from statement ready-to-wear to stylish custom bespoke designs for men and women.

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